Grab a cup of coffee, 
browse around and stay a while. 
Let's get stuff done!


- Holiday Miller (author, small business owner, mom of 4)

She balances her family, business and everything in between like a pro. What sets her apart from the rest is her VISION. She is so clear, focused, and determined to succeed, and her energy and enthusiasm translates into everyone she works with. She is a gifted encourager and motivator, and she breathes belief into people even when they don't believe in themselves. She believes every woman has the potential to achieve success and she loves being a part of it! 

-Abby Breaux (small business owner)

Kristy has made me a better business owner and has allowed me to pursue my dreams of being an entrepreneur. 

-Kiralee Jones (mom and small business owner)

After hearing Kristy speak, I now can say I have a method to organize my life and business! I cleared out the clutter and now have more TIME to spend with my daughter!

 - Vicky (Runs a household, mom, owns a STARTplanner)

You have seriously thought of everything! I am SO excited about the financial/budgeting pages since that's something I really want to focus on in 2016. Not cluttered or overdone! It's so smartly designed.