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It was 2015. My youngest was 2 months old. At this time, for those of you who are new around here, my full time business was wedding photography and teaching business to creatives. I was also doing some freelance work writing business articles for a magazine. Jenny happened to be the graphic designer for this […]

HERE is a look at what I will be sharing in 2018! You have asked and I plan to answer! Share this with friends or anyone else you think would benefit because I am pumped to give you a candid look at how I (we) have built a successful business, how we plan to continue growing, how to […]

  Do you guys feel it? A fresh NEW year! Sometimes it is needed. A clean slate, a restart point. A fresh new pair of tennis shoes to begin training for that marathon or a new planner to motivate you to get organized. I actually don’t love the idea of New Year’s resolutions, because I […]

This Christmas is so special. My oldest is 9 and IF he still believes in Santa he is probably halfway telling the truth or just not wanting to admit it. He knows our Elf, George, is not real and he has helped out with our shenanigans this year. The Christmas magic is coming to an end for him […]