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Happy Monday! My blog has been getting a lot of attention lately, and well it is Monday and it continues! 🙂 You guys all know how I LOVE Mondays! 🙂 So excited to share this next session with you guys! The title says engaged but they tied the knot two days after this session… so […]

Gosh I LOVE my job! Kathryn and John met at college and have been inseparable since. Kathryn just finished her masters degree as a nurse and the next logical step in life was for them to get married and start their lives together. John for Christmas decided to wrap a bunch of presents…. you know… […]

I LOVE everything about this session and I am so excited to share it with you! I love it when couples want to incorporate who they are into a session, but this session goes beyond that! Back up to October, and I get a phone call from Carson. He tells me that he and his […]

They met at a charity event through friends. Little did they know that this day would slowly change and shape the course of their entire future. This couple is fabulous….. light-hearted, FUN, and clearly in love and meant for each other! Excited to share with you Chan and Madeline! Their style is laid back- country […]