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Well, hello there, summer! How did that happen so quickly? My kids are out of school and changing schedules and routines is not always an easy thing. I am actually stoked for this change! A little slower pace in the morning without having the AM bus hustle, and in the evenings without the PM homework hustle!   As most of you know, […]

Probably one of the biggest questions I get asked is about money. From a business perspective, projections, marketing budget, payroll, I mean you name it. I go through peaks and lulls with reading, but I try to read every business book I can get my hands on, and we are not just talking marketing books, I […]

References: FREE worksheet for this blog post can be downloaded here. > (Business Planning Worksheet) Business Partner HERE is the notebook that I reference and use to plan for our business. I also use excel with formulas, but I also like to physically write everything out so I can visually see it and plan for […]

Part 2 of our Money Series is Getting Out of Debt! Do you have some credit cards, student loans, car payments, etc. that you are wanting to pay down? First snag this FREE download HERE! The zip file has worksheets for all three series and takes a look at the “Getting Out of Debt” Download. […]