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It started in the spring with our trip to D.C. when I was speaking at Washington University. We visited the National Air and Space Museum and they had THE actual costumes that look like Astronauts at the museum and we just thought they were so realistic and cool looking that we bought them. The younger […]

For all of you who believe I have my act together. . .  I wrote this post two weeks ago, forgot, and just now remembered. . .  oh yeah. . . I haven’t written on my blog much lately because I have been focusing my attention on writing a book, which might I add as of today is […]

30…. Today I turn 30 and I am actually pretty stoked for the next decade. My 2o’s were filled with self discovery, growth, overcoming obstacles, learning how to be a mom, how to pursue my passions, how to be happy, and overall learning how to lead a richer/fuller life.  I have always been an old […]

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! We were sitting down at the beach when commercials for the new Ghostbusters movie comes on and Jeremy goes, hey lets be the ghostbusters. You know because it is totally normal to be thinking about Halloween in the middle of July. 😉 Roman at first was like I don’t know […]