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One of my FAVORITE things to do every year is our Christmas Card!!!! I look back over the last 9 (yes I have been married 9 years… yikes) and I love seeing how we have changed and grown as a family. But why I really love it so much is I know when people open […]

I don’t care if your kids are 2, 15, 30, or full grown taking the time to have family pictures is SOOOO important!! It wasn’t until a couple years ago when we lost my Grandma that I really understood the importance, and now engrain it into my own family as well. So once a year […]

Is this Mommy-to-Be not radiating beauty! We had to move and cancel their session not once but twice due to weather…. and boy did it work out for the better! We moved it to a sunrise session, and it was breathtakingly beautiful! The frost on the ground, the fog rising from the lake, the horses, […]

I love this family. You know when you meet someone and you can tell that they have such a genuine zest for life and for people. Cheryl and Eric have brought such a light to our community and also to my world. They are neighbors of mine and unfortunately about a month ago their house […]