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One of my FAVORITE things to do every year is our Christmas Card!!!! I look back over the last 9 (yes I have been married 9 years… yikes) and I love seeing how we have changed and grown as a family. But why I really love it so much is I know when people open […]

9 years ago I invited this man I just met to come down to the beach for a few days. Every year, since I was a little girl, my family has taken a family beach trip with some of our closet friends and family. I had only known Jeremy for about 2 weeks at this […]

I can not even put into words how happy I am!!!! I am one blessed Mama! Having Silas here has been AMAZING and to now have three beautiful healthy boys…. sigh I just can’t even put it into words! I hear all the time…. “another boy, are you going to try for a girl, are […]

All I wanted time to do was speed up. I was over being pregnant and was anxiously awaiting to meet our baby boy. Now that he is here(birth Story HERE), all I want is for time to slow down. This is not my first rodeo…. so I know first hand how fast this baby stage […]