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How is my baby already ONE!!! It seems like yesterday he was just coming home from the hospital. He is honestly SUCH a JOY and has the BEST personality. Here are a couple things about him. Favorite thing is to be with anyone. My other boys were really attached to me but Silas is attached […]

One of my FAVORITE things to do every year is our Christmas Card!!!! I look back over the last 9 (yes I have been married 9 years… yikes) and I love seeing how we have changed and grown as a family. But why I really love it so much is I know when people open […]

I can not believe it! 7 months…. AND we now have a completely mobile baby! It is no longer lay him on the ground and snap a few pictures. 🙂 If you sit him down he is gone! He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything! This past month we have had to drop […]

When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked, I mean we talked about it but we also knew fertility was a route we were going to have to go. I made three appointments on different occasions to see the specialist and every time life happened and it was pushed off and buried to […]