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I sat backstage and couldn’t catch my breath. The current speaker was wrapping up their talk and I was next.  I literally couldn’t swallow. I looked up to someone coming to mic me and asked me if I had any questions. All I could produce was a nod to the left and then to right. I […]

Start Loving You conference was in San Diego and it was a whirlwind couple of days. For me, at these conferences the PEOPLE and relationships that I walk away with are everything! I love that it brings together like-minded individuals from all across the country. Hello San Diego!!!!! Our view from our room! Thursday kicked off with […]

I don’t rest easily. I don’t even sit easily. I am a busy body, and if you read my birthday manifesto to myself, I have promised to “chase slow” a little more, enjoy time with friends, and dance more. 😃 Yes, I said dance. This last week I did just that. I still kept an […]

Today is my birthday!!! This is my year. My year to approach life a little differently. To unapologetically “do Kristy” with intention. Although being the author of Start Balancing, balance is NOT there at all times for me and there is no shame for me in saying I have been off kilter and not quite […]