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When Jenny and I went into business together, we honestly did not know each other all that well. I mean, I knew she was good at design, and she knew that I knew business, other than that we were just acquaintances. Not something I advise necessarily but I can’t explain it other than I knew […]

I have honestly gotten away from blogging. I use to blog 3-5 times a week and as my life has gotten busier some things have started slipping through the cracks, and blogging is one of them.  I say this because, as I am giving tips, tricks and advice, I fail at a lot of things. […]

Roman my 8 year old came home last week and we had a project to work on. Part of what they have been teaching in second grade is to set goals that are SMART. His project consisted picking a book, reading it, understanding the habit that applied, making a visual and creating a book report. Go […]

“Kristy Dickerson is the founder of FisheyeConnect.com, professional laundry sorter, CFO of multitasking, wedding photographer, mom of two, and a wife that is never wrong… never. Upon completion of her degree in finance and business management she started her photography business after having her first son. In June of 2010 she launched Fisheye Connect for […]