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In 2017 I was sick. My productivity suffered. My life suffered. I did a radical thing and had my implants removed which my immune system was fighting. I then started detoxing to clean up my system. Partnering with a doctor, a pharmacist, and a manufacturing company I knew that this was a system that everyone should have access to. We created STARTdetoxing to help you live a happier, healthier life! Formulating three systems to support your bodies natural detox function! 
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Live clean. Be healthy to have the energy to 
pour into people and passions in your life! 

Kristy Dickerson


Part of being productive is being healthy! Detoxing is an essential part of health and you having your health and happiness to pursue your passions! 

Eliminating Toxins 



The STARTdetoxing Systems

Part of Detoxing is eating clean, hydrating and eliminating or minimizing toxins to disrupt your normals body functions. Here are companies/product that I personally use for myself and my family.

* Young Living Oils -  I use the oils, the Savvy Minerals makeup, face/skin regimen, thieves hand sanitizer, and various other products. Learn more HERE on this blog post. Questions? Email (I can connect you with a Doctor to answer all your oily questions!).
* Kali Boxes - Yes ladies tampons that are not filled with a tone of chemicals!