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Find YOUR version of healthy!

I hate the “body” stereotype for women and honestly it makes me hate social media for women. I put myself out there on social media and often I hear “How do you have three kids and look like THAT…. you’re LUCKY!” I have also recently heard “You need a burger, you are way too skinny.” I have honestly struggled with even bringing this up, but I have decided to put it out there…Why are there double standards for us as women? We all want to fit into our skinny jeans, but often times women hate on other women for looking good or being in shape? It needs to be said. WOMEN NEED TO LOVE THEMSELVES AND SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN no matter the shape or size.


As for me being “lucky”? Ummmm no… I grew up eating horribly and I had to teach myself what is good for me and what isn’t-I have (and still do) struggle with making good food choices daily, but I know how I feel when I eat poorly, and feeling good is what motivates me.


Good genes? Nope again… I work my ass off … literally! I get up at 5am most days and hit the gym at least 4 times a week (giving it my all while I am there). I do this for the same reason – Why? I FEEL BETTER, I have more energy for my passions.


These reasons allow me to be a better mother, a better friend, a better wife–because THIS version of Kristy is healthy. This version of Kristy is not too skinny or too fat–that’s not what it’s about–It’s about feeling amazing. I was recently interviewed about the double standards we face and I think social media amplifies it. Women, listen up. Find YOUR version of healthy and support everyone else’s version. Be gentle, don’t judge–you don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life. Focus on YOU–get enough rest, exercise (not to look great but to feel amazing) Be the best version of you for those people in your life! Share if you know someone who needs to hear this today! I am already writing a post on 5 things I have done to get healthy, so stay tuned, another blog post is coming up! If you got questions, ask!

THIS is healthy Kristy. Energetic Kristy. Living Life Kristy. YOU have the ability to find that version of YOU! Get up and get moving!

Hustle On Friends!




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