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Kristy Dickerson

“Kristy Dickerson is the founder of FisheyeConnect.com, professional laundry sorter, CFO of multitasking, wedding photographer, mom of two, and a wife that is never wrong… never.

Upon completion of her degree in finance and business management she started her photography business after having her first son. In June of 2010 she launched Fisheye Connect for other photographers like herself looking for quality education. Fisheye is a way for aspiring photographers to connect with photography industry experts by location, instructor, or interest. It is a searchable database exclusively for photography workshops/events, along with service that helps instructors manage the marketing and financial aspects of their businesses. Merging her business sense with her passion, it has become a thriving community of photographers learning and growing together.

In Kristy’s spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family, playing tennis, decorating, and planning out the diet that she will start Monday… that will never start.” 🙂

Random facts about me….
I change my hair color A LOT!
I am competitive… growing up with three brothers will do that.
I am an extroverted introvert.
Every Monday I declare I am giving up sugar… it will never happen.
Year one of our marriage my husband had a brain hemorrhage and DVT.
I have two boys that mean everything to me.

  1. Cathy Plavcan

    March 11th, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Love seeing all your posts. You are a very talented young woman. Keep reaching for the stars.


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