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Mentor Me North Georgia – Forsyth Central High

Last week I stepped back onto the grounds of my high school, Forsyth Central High. I don’t care who you are or how old you get, when going back to your high school you are flooded with memories: Friday night games, PE classes on the football field, math class, basketball practice, those dreaded suicides you once had to run, all the missed free throw shots… and then something quickly brings you back to reality. Kids really don’t realize what a special time high school is.  This experience made me realize that I really want to be able to impact the lives of young kids more. I don’t know how or when I will have more time to allocate to this but I want to be able to share more of me.

Sarah Johnson, STARTplanner’s PR guru, and I were trying to find a good home to donate some planners. Every year we are going to try to allot some planners for good causes and purposes. We started this company with one mission – to change lives and we know by blessing some individuals it can do just that. Sarah emailed me and said, “What about Mentor Me North Georgia?”. We all thought it was the perfect organization that continually impacts our local community. Mentor Me was thrilled about the idea of us donating planners to their students, so much so that they asked me to come and speak to one of their clubs and share with the students the importance of setting goals and chasing your dreams.


Here are a couple pictures from the day! My school looks completely different! It is beautiful and has had some major updates since I was there last. I had to have people help me find my way around the campus. We also brought along 200 Legit Planners to give away!


 Because they are students and underage we couldn’t take any pictures of them but here are a behind the scenes photo from the day!


I even shared a couple pictures from high school with the group and they were all shocked that I went to the same school! I mean can we please take note of that hair, please! 😉


It was a fun morning reminiscing about the good ole days, but in all seriousness it was truly an honor to have a chance to speak to these students. It was a reminder that these kids are the next generation, and we need to be investing in them, speaking life and encouraging them in their daily walk. We all need a mentor in our life, someone to look up to and shed wisdom on us. If I can do that for just one person, then it makes events like this totally worth it! Because at their age…I was clueless as to what I wanted to do or be when I grew up! Even today I have mentors or people I lean on for advice.

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