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Start Balancing Book Launch Recap!

This evening was one I will never forget. I was truly overwhelmed by the outpour of love and support from my family and friends. I wanted this book launch to not be about me or the book, but more about the community coming together for a fun evening out while also benefiting two great organizations. We must be intentional about getting out, taking breaks, investing in relationships, and just having fun. We need these moments if we are going to find true balance in our lives.

Fun was definitely had by all, and I’m pleased to say that the book launch was a total SUCCESS! In Chapter 9 I talk about creating a community that believes in you. I am so thankful for the community and amazing women who surround me!!!! This journey would not have been possible without my tribe and I feel so blessed to be able to share this evening with so many of them. Below are some of the images from the incredible night. If you missed the sponsors who were involved, check them out HERE! Our amazing sponsors donated items for our swag bags and/or charity auction. This night was a non profit event and all proceeds benefited Kingdom Kids (in honor of Lily’s Run) and North Georgia Angel House.

And those of you who could not make it to the book launch and want a signed copy of Start Balancing, this is your chance!!! For the next 48 hours (until October 12th, tomorrow, at Midnight) you can grab a signed copy or a few signed copies for you and your tribe! *Makes perfect holiday gifts!!! No promo code needed.

“People” I have a book!

These ladies… Speechless! STARTplanner team rockstar! And Jenny Grumbling, my biggest accountability partner, my biggest fellow dream chaser, and of course the graphic designer that designed this amazing book!!!!

The team from left to right:

Kara – Logistics girl who has been with us the longest! This chick doesn’t even know what she is capable of! She is the head of customer service and front office manager!

Deanna – For those of you that know me well… this is also my Aunt! She is our book keeper of both companies and keeps all our numbers in order, among other things!

Caitlyn – Our newest member who oversees the warehouse and all shipping operations. And she has fit right in!

 Me – Just plain cray! The big picture girl and the person who says we CAN do things that some would say we shouldn’t.

 Jenny – The one who makes it all pretty and come together! For sure the other creative and my counterpart.

 Jessie – Total PR queen and her personality can just light up a room! WORLD, WATCH OUT!

The swag bags were amazing!!! Don’t tell anyone but I even had to take one home with me!!! 🙂

Nido Cafe was PERFECT for this event! We, I mean START team (they would not let me help), beautifully transformed the space!
Some of the auction items!
My Godmother, Lisa, and Mom, Tricia.
I gave Jeremy the night off. I told him he didn’t have to come and that he would be the only dude. He did not care and wanted to support me anyway. Love him.
Billy Wilkie provided the perfect blend of instrumental jazz and classic songs to set the tone for the evening.

 These are STARTplanner rockstars! Some traveled from Texas to make it to this event!!! Love these girls!

Seriously, look how pretty all these amazing women are!!! This crew stuck around to the very end. I think they would have stayed til all hours of the night if we’d let them. They didn’t want the fun to end; )

P.S. A few community members are leading a Facebook Group called Start Balancing Together. If you are reading and want to ask questions, lead others, and Start Balancing Together you can join it here!


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