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Don’t Wait for Perfect!


This year has been crazy, but boy has there been HUGE mistakes and big learning curves. I am going to share one of them with you. When we received our first version of Fancy, they were messed up. All of the binding didn’t bind tightly. We were devastated they would have potentially been fine but over time we worried they would start being loose. We made the decision to delay shipping and we have to stick them on pallets and ship them all up to New York to a binding company. I won’t mention how much time, money, and probably grey hairs I developed. You are probably thinking to yourself well the original company should have covered that cost. They didn’t and that is a whole other story. Quality is important so the inspection and fixing process had to start. Here is a photo that we sent to our supplier. Yes I was totally crying inside.


Some errors things could have been avoided on our end as well. During the fixing process we also lost some inventory, but we learned what we wanted, who we wanted to business with, and how to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Fancy Pants Planner was also a huge hit so we started over. We reworked our entire product, decided to offer 4 colors based on feedback, and we were able to customize them in so many places to make it more our brand. My point? It is a process, if you are waiting for something to be perfect – STOP, because that will never happen. Mistakes is where you learn, where you grow, and where you have wine sitting close by! Holla right! 😉

Here is our 2017 line this year for Fancy Pants Planner! Nautical Navy, Ocean Blue, Vintage White, and Pretty N Pink.


 Oh, and when you do make mistakes… fix them — do the right thing. Our customers never knew about the issue, we just ate the costs and did the right thing. The result? Our our 2017 Fancy Pants are just beautiful, some colors are about to sell out and it is not even December yet! Which is cray cray!

Here are some details of our 2017 Fancy Pants! Comes with a year of daily pages.


I mean… drool… the details and design.


Zipper to store items, card holders, pockets.

Our custom button. I die.

Isn’t white not beautiful! 2016-11-23_0004

The point of this blog is to remind you to not wait for perfect and to get busy!

Keep hustlin’ friends!



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