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This is 30

30…. Today I turn 30 and I am actually pretty stoked for the next decade. My 2o’s were filled with self discovery, growth, overcoming obstacles, learning how to be a mom, how to pursue my passions, how to be happy, and overall learning how to lead a richer/fuller life.  I have always been an old soul. While in high school I saved money to buy my first house and did so at the age of 18, while still in high school. I got married at the age of 20, had my first child at 21, and started my first business at 21 as well. And as most of you know, my early 20’s were really just filled with pushing my dreams aside to help Jeremy fight for his life and continue to provide for us.

My 20’s had sacrifices, failures, losses, victories, and my most important accomplishment was becoming a mom. I would not change any of it. I look forward to my 30’s. I look forward to chasing dreams and doing so with a clear mind and focus. I look forward to investing in relationships and being more present in the moment. I look forward to balancing my ambitions. Age is really just a number and I am so thankful for my health and each and everyday that I am granted.

Oh the irony… I am writing a book called Start Balancing and since November I have been off-balance. Work commitments, health issues, holidays, you name it. So I feel like this trip could not have happened at a better time.  For my 30th birthday we took a trip to St. Johns USVI. We actually went last week because it was my husband’s college spring break and he was out of school (only 5 weeks left).
THIS is what I want to do more of. Seek adventure and build a life of intentional moments while investing in relationships and others, both in and outside the office! Okay, okay, enough talk! Here are some behind the scenes photos! This is my Canon Mark III, my GoPro, and Luke’s GoPro.

From our balcony.

The boys.

This dude graduates in 5 weeks y’all! Ekkkk!

The others! We were missing Mirinda for a bit this day. 

The pale people…. 😉 

Everywhere you turned… such beauty! 

Friday we rented a boat and headed out to the British Virgin Islands. 

See those hats? Yeah, about two seconds later they were gone with the wind!

St. Johns snorkeling with some turtles!

Turtle! With a fish on his back that I thought was a shark but wasn’t.

Holly and I.

We then stopped over in the BVI at Foxy’s.

Corona Island behind us! Also known as Sandy Spit!

Love these people… every single one of them!

Apparently some of our group is athletic.

Yeah you see my feet… I just think me and Staci had bad timing… and you, Holly. That is not right. 😉

Last stop was Soggy Dollar Bar in BVI and then back to the USVI.

Last day we spent at Caneel Bay on St. Johns.

The entire crew! (Josh & Holly, Steve & Mirinda, Luke & Staci, and Jeremy & I)

Holla at cha girls!

Fun day filled with kayaking, paddle boarding, sunning, relaxing, and snorkeling! 

Here is some compiled video from the trip from both mine and Luke’s GoPro! 🙂 St. Johns, I will be back, and Kristy, you will continue to invest more in people and be this carefree person that you were here. Living fully, happily, contently, and presently. Yes, I am talking to myself on my blog! 🙂


Bring it 30!







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