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2015 The Year of Growth

2015 was a great year! It was also a hard year in so many areas. It was a year of growth both with our family(welcoming Silas) and personal growth knowing more who I am and what I need to be the best wife, friend, mentor, person I can be. One goal for 2015 was happiness, and I would say that was for sure achieved. Happiness is something that you have to work for.

This year was filled with big decisions that shaped how this year turned out and that will continue to shape 2016! I AM SO STOKED for 2016! I really am! Big dreams, adventures, and ideas for both my family and business are on the horizon and I can’t wait! I wanted to look back over 2015 to remind what a year of growth it has been. SOOOO many blessings came in 2015 and I am so thankful.

I will break up into two posts! First half of 2015 then second.

From left to right:
– Pregnant with Silas January 2015. The hardest pregnancy and that last month was the hardest month of my life physically.
– February 25th it was all worth it. If I had to pick one picture to sum up 2015 it would be this one. So emotional and raw.
– Taking Silas home to be with his brothers
– Family of 5!!!
– Roman had such a good year playing baseball both in spring and fall ball. Got a lot of home runs and his first Grand Slam.
– Beach trip. August had the hardest time with bringing home Silas. He is Mama’s baby and wasn’t so sure about him being around. Yes August you will always be my baby!
– My Family… nothing will ever change… but you gotta love them. 🙂
– Start Planner was born in May! New adventures ahead and I can’t wait!
– First Disney Trip! We already have another trip planned for 2016!!! The boys loved it!


Second half of 2015:
– Spending times with my boys. Continuing to learn balance. Eating ice cream and soaking up sunshine.
– This year I spoke at Shutterfest and Showit United and this is something that I will be doing more of in 2016! Helping others.
– Halloween…. Pirates… Arghh…. Yes we had a blast!
– Family pictures Fall! My little(okay maybe big) family.
– Jeremy at the closing of our property. We have gotten a lot of questions about this. We will not be moving. We did purchase 48 acres but it is going to be a fun project creating a getaway for our boys to enjoy with family and friends. Be Still and disconnecting is going to be the theme for the Cabin.
– Exploring the land with Roman! So many memories to make!
– Christmas with the boys!
– Silas…. I just love this picture!
– And where we currently are until tomorrow! Ringing in the new year in Copper Mountain with close friends!


I can not wait to see my boys tomorrow and start 2016! Setting big goals this year! If your 2015 was hard or you are looking at goals and feeling like so many things didn’t happen. Don’t dwell in it. 2016 is a fresh start with endless possibilities! It is time to plan now and make things happen!

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