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31st Birthday Manifesto

Today is my birthday!!! This is my year. My year to approach life a little differently. To unapologetically “do Kristy” with intention.

Although being the author of Start Balancing, balance is NOT there at all times for me and there is no shame for me in saying I have been off kilter and not quite balanced here lately.

My aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 38, and she didn’t make it until her 40th birthday. I saw this spunky, beautiful woman fight for her life and ultimately lose her battle, and witnessed it first hand as it seemingly stripped her of everything earthly and beautiful. Her spunk, her hair and ultimately, her life. I often ask why. Why her? When I was a bone marrow match and donated, why didn’t it take? What are the odds? Why so young? She had two young kids that needed her. Just why? I do know this; she has left an ever impacting mark in my life. I find myself asking myself what/who/how would I choose to do life if I only have 7 years left? What if I just had a year? A day? None of us know how much time we have. So this year on my birthday I am writing out a birthday manifesto for myself. Call it my goals and reminders for governing my happiness and the direction of the life I want to live.

 31st Birthday Manifesto
– Rest. Learn to just “be” at times.
– Remember, I always have a choice.
– Chase dreams.
– Dancing is always a good idea.
– Visit at least different destinations over this next year. Materials things mean nothing instead chase experiences.
– Write, share, help others. (and yes, continue having someone fix all my grammar issues)
– VODKA is fun. enjoy it.
– Surround myself with a supportive and encouraging tribe.
– Change lives. Use my story–the good and the bad–to encourage people to move their lives forward. This is my truest joy.
– Read more
– Do things that scare the hell out of me. grow.
– Spend more time with “my people” having conversations and experiences that matter.
– Make sure my three boys know how much they are loved by their Mom–EVERY DAY. #myeverything
– Walk with my head up not buried in my phone. Have conversations with strangers.
– Seek to understand higher being. Lean into God for help making choices.
– Spend more time in nature. Fish.
– Make more time for my grandparents. Sit, talk, and listen to their stories.
– Top shelf all the way–food, relationships, everything. Life is to short to have the second rate anything.
– Love. Love. Love: Give it, be it, make it, accept it, protect it.


Hold me to it friends. We all get caught in routine at times and forget how good we actually do have it. How lucky we are.

I am driven, I like to GO, I like challenges, I like to build and fix, I want to explore, I want to love on others, and I also want to be loved. I want to surround myself with people who support me, and equally, I want to show up for others. Community, love, people, experiences, and connections…. At the end of the day, that is what our life is about…. people and creating memories!

So, Kristy….. hear me loud and clear. Do you. Who cares what others think. Continue to take steps on the authentic path, you deserve it.

You’re 31. You are healthy. You are capable of so much! Put your head down and work because you are built to do that, but equally pick your head up and travel. Explore. Connect. This is your year!

Here are some pictures over the last year that I am proud of and I am vowing to have more images like this in my phone roll this next year. Here are some unedited behind the scenes pictures, looking back I realize that often times those are the ones we treasure the most.


Cherish those you love.

First. These boys…. my most important responsibility/privilege. Always. I would lay it all down for them.



Friendships. Invest. Add it to your calendar and make it happen. Create new ones. Again–top quality.

Push yourself. Take Risks. Do things that scare you. Speaking. Sharing your story. Starting new things.

Fox 5 (another interview with another doctor set for next week) Coming soon!

Share. Push yourself.

I did this by writing my book and speaking this year. Believe it or not, I wanted to quit on my book at one point. DON’T quit friends!

Harvard #bucketlist

Believe you can.

Share the scary things!

That time I explanted and shared the not so pretty side of things that led me to new things.


Work hard for the things that YOU want, and be proud when you achieve them!

(This was when I purchased my FIRST GROWN UP CAR ALL BY MYSELF – NO HELP!)


Travel. Seek it. See the world. Life is short. Push boundaries. Enjoy life.

St. Johns.

San Francisco

The British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke

The Florida Keys.

Deep sea fishing in the Keys.

Left – Washington DC. Right –  Orlando Florida.

Can’t wait to see what this post will look like next year. Let’s do this. Life is short. It is my choice how it looks.


  1. Happy happy birthday, Kristy! You are such an inspiration and I love watching you continue to achieve your dreams. So excited to dive into Start Balancing! Have a wonderful day, and even more, a wonderful 31st year!

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