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5 Tips for Making Most of the Holidays

The Holidays are Crazy. Can I get an Amen? It is one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. Spending is at an all-time high and doesn’t it seem like everything is due at the end of the year, property taxes, business licenses, etc. Okay, this post is not to make you feel more anxiety but I am going to give you five tips to make the holidays go smoother.
First, and you probably smelled this one from coming a mile away, make a plan and write it down. We created a Holiday Planner that lives in our projects section, and you can also just get one HERE if you are looking for a way to get organized. Plan your meals, create a budget, and of course manage your schedule.


Loved ones create lists. Yes, I know it is another list but this deserves a section all its own. Instead of buying gifts they don’t want, ask people what they want. This pertains to kids. I always have my kids create a list so that it can be delegated and filtered if needed. I don’t want my kids to get a bunch of stuff. When you have three boys they have almost every action figure imaginable. I would rather gift them experiences. If you are a Grandma or someone gifting to kids, ask the parents and think about the gift instead of giving toys that might just break in 3 weeks. What about movie tickets and a babysitting pass to watch the younger one? What about a trip to the aquarium and spending time with just you? Okay, I know this post is not about this, but maybe my mother will be reading. Probably not, but maybe. ????


Spending as at an all-time high and if you have not budgeted throughout the year, this is where plastic could start being used. I get asked all the time do I believe in credit cards. Here is my response, yes I totally believe in the idea of them and want to reap the benefits of them. I charge everything almost. It helps me to track spending. But here is where they are dangerous if you don’t track. I only believe in credit cards if you have the cash to pay for the items you want. I have booked many free flights and purchased things with my reward points, but never in my entire life have I not paid the balance in full the next month. The astronomical rates that you pay otherwise is crazy and you don’t want to get caught in the vicious cycle. Are you saying to late? And I am not writing this judging. I get it. Life happens and small amounts lead to bigger amounts and then the small payments you then can pay are just a dip in the bucket towards the balance and then they got you. I have created a FREE template to list out all your debt. This is the time of year you should be listing it out and making a plan for the following year to get back in control. And this time of year remember to focus on needs vs wants.


How do I say this? I have created a company that the peak of our market is during the holidays. How in the world do I continue to make everything happen within the company and not let my family or friends down? I am going to say this because I have fell into this cycle before. No matter how busy you are make your friends and family a priority. I have before overcommitted myself and it has left me missing out on life. You have to prioritize your holiday commitments and schedule out the parties, the working, the family time, and everything in between so that you can give all of you to who you are with. Remember it is okay to say no. Protect you this season and get rest and make sure you are filling up your soul with intentional moments both in and out of the office.


I talk all the time about being productive and one of the keys to it is delegate. You can delegate to your kids, spouse, family, or anyone else. What are some things you could get off your plate? Cleaning house, cooking, hosting, wrapping presents, buying presents, picking up toys, accounting, I mean the list can go on and on. Remember YOU don’t have to do it all! I know the only way I can be an effective business owner and Mom is to do this so you better believe I will be delegating a lot this year! ????

If you have kids, Christmas is also a reality check. This might be our last Christmas with Roman believing. And he is almost 9. Double the amount of Christmas’s we have had with him and then he will be out of the house and on to college. Ugh… I might just go slip into his bed this morning and hold him just a little longer. I hope these five tips will help you get organized and allow you to spend the holidays with your friends and family soaking up the good stuff, because my friends, that is what life is all about.

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