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5 Tips to Get the Best Vacation Photos!

I can feel his eyes roll as I bring my camera bag down to pack in the car. I mean what if I want this lens or that lens? Ladies am I alone here? I am a planner and it just makes me feel better to have it all with me. You know “just in case!” What I realized though after going on many many family vacations is getting pictures is actually no easy feat, and with traveling less is more. Most of my close friends know this about me almost everywhere I travel on planes I only do carryon and try to avoid checking a bag. Efficient and organized is my goal! I need parameters otherwise I might just pack my whole closet…. You know just in case. 😉

So with that being said…. If there was just one lens I could take one vacation what would that lens be? Canon 24-70 2.8 II is that lens for me!  For our past couple of vacations, I have only brought that lens on my Canon 5D Mark III. It is versatile allowing me to getting wide and close images. We also have been going to environments (like the beach) where you really don’t want to change lens out until back in the room. Yes, my primes do give off a little “creamer” images but the benefits of it being versatile off ways that for me.

So yes ALL my images were only with this lens. I also bring along the go pro now to capture different angles and really to throw in video element. Yes, my Mark III could video, but for vacations and running in the waves with my boys… Go Pro is perfect.

So here are 5 tips to get the best vacation photos.

  1. Less is more. Pick one lens and roll with it! One less thing to think about and distract you from the moments. I have also just carried by 50mm f1.2. It is also a great all around lens.

Wide – Camera Settings 24 mm ISO 320 f 2.8 at 1 /640 sec


Close – Camera Settings 61 mm ISO 320 f2.8 at 1/1000 sec

2016-03-30_00022. My second tip would be to have an easy option… i.e. Go Pro. At Bahamas it helps capture those in between real pictures and video. Slides, actually being in the ocean, video footage from rides, bouncing on the trampoline in middle of ocean. I mean the list can go on and on. Because of this camera and it being so easy. I have more memories and my images now tell more of a story to family and friends because of it.

See the waves. The camera was half in the water! 🙂



3. Shoot in manual and manual white balance. This will save you headache after the fact and a lot of editing. It will also gives your images a more consistent look and feel so the album from the vacation the colors of the images and tone will go together nice.


4. Hand the camera off. August crawled up in the back of the limo and sand I love you Mom and Dad. He was so excited. I asked Roman if could he snap a picture. I set the camera and he did a great job! Vacation pictures I never use to be in because I was always the one taking them. Ask your spouse, travel partner, or a random stranger!


Random stranger…. Yes they might shoot images out of focus! So ask them to take a few!


So you can at least get one crisp image.


5. Last tip is pick up the camera! Whatever camera you have! Iphone, point and shoot, DSLR, etc. Whatever you have pick it up and shoot! I wouldn’t have SOOOOO many memories if I just didn’t shoot and be in the moment! Doesn’t have to be an expensive to camera to capture the genuine smiles and laughs!


No go make memories… and capture them! 🙂

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