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5 ways a vacation actually make you MORE productive

I don’t rest easily. I don’t even sit easily. I am a busy body, and if you read my birthday manifesto to myself, I have promised to “chase slow” a little more, enjoy time with friends, and dance more. ???? Yes, I said dance. This last week I did just that. I still kept an eye on my emails and was able to do some work remotely …. I mean I am still “Kristy,” but I was different. I let go of expectations, guilt, and instead poured into relationships, allowed myself to rest, have fun and gave myself some space to just “be”. I also read some business books. which I know will pour back into my productivity and I will share those with you all soon.

What it has done is left me energized and recharged. READY to hustle… I am so stoked to work!

On the blog today is 5 ways a vacation can make you MORE productive with more pictures of course!

1. Avoid Burnout. Space to think (dream) bigger. I was approaching burn out. When you get to that point, you no longer can think ahead of your current tasks and that’s obviously not productive!

2. Clarity. I have been trying to make some big decisions. Sometimes stepping away from it all helps to you decide and see a clearer picture without getting caught up in the day to day minutia.

3. Rest. We all need it. From the gym. From work. From ourselves. A change of pace is sometimes what the doctor ordered. I push myself hard in all aspects and it was nice for a chance to sleep with no alarm, enjoy myself so I am rested and ready to GO!

4. Growth. I love reading at the beach. I am actually a little weird, I read business books at the beach. I have come home with all sorts of notes that are applicable to my businesses. In the daily grind, I don’t always have or make time for education. Which is so important to always be doing!

5. Break the routine. By the end of a good vacation, I look forward to my routine. My bed, My coffee pot, the gym, and I’m excited to get back at it. That is exactly what happened this week!

Vacations don’t have to be a week. They can just be a break in your current routine for a long weekend. Could even be something close. Maybe it’s knowing that you need smaller breaks more often to reset? I know that NOW I am on fire and ready to GO! Ready to get at it!

Here is some behind the scenes from our trip! And for those of you that are asking. Detox blog coming in the next week. Are you part of my newsletter? If not get on it HERE!

Me and my boys!!! My oldest will probably be taller than me next summer! Which is so crazy!

The beach is so calming. The temperature was just PERFECT! And friends like Holly are perfect to have in your life. To counterbalance and bring more fun to your world!
August my middle man and Silas… Which had a freezing cold bathing suit on and I couldn’t hang.
Friendships… people…. fill my cup up!
Here is the entire crew! 
You know the biggest thing I was worried about when explanting was bathing suit season. You know what…. acceptance starts with looking in the mirror. Homegirl has A-cups and I no longer have a full chest like I have had for the last 12 years but I AM OKAY WITH IT! Love the body you have been given!
Literally look at his teeth. Or rather lack thereof! Missing 4 teeth right now!
Can we say #boymom
He played and played with this truck. He also can not say his t’s and instead says a bad word when he says truck. Haha but #truth
Beach fun!
This was such a fun night! Dinner, drinks, friends, dancing, rapping when you have no rap skills. I also ate OCTOPUS!!! I ordered grouper and it came with Octopus which I had never eaten, but I gave it a try.
Roman on the left and his friend Layla! Have loved seeing them grow up together!
Seaside lunching and eating Frost Bites!
I am going to stop and enjoy MORE sunsets. You with me?
So again, a reminder to myself and to you…stop and enjoy life. Enjoy people and invest your time in making memories and hustling in other ways as well!

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