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5 Ways I am Rebalancing.

Well, I reached a breaking point. Or I broke….or both. This last year I have been in survival mode. Doing what I needed to do to keep my head above water. Financial stress, emotional stress, business stress… I have carried it all. My personality is to do what needs to be done and I rarely ask for help. What happened is I thought I was taking care of myself, I was drinking plenty of water, taking the supplements, eating clean, and hitting it hard in the gym. I was not counterbalancing it with anything. I had moments of reprieve, escape or relief but not many. And in all honesty, this is not the first time, I broke down other times too, silently or in a couple of friends arms. For the most part, I just kept my head down and kept pushing through, thinking “I am almost there.”

I am an all-in type of gal so I just remained focused and if I had a hard day, I would just go back to the gym! The gym became my outlet and instead of crying or pouring a drink, I would workout, again. As stress mounted, I would lay at night with complete insomnia while my brain calculated all the tasks I needed to be doing. Honestly, until February I felt healthy. I was able to compartmentalize and from a business perspective, I was actually operating at my peak. I was on my A-game. I love my work– my office was my happy place and another escape!!!  

In February, I started noticing I was off. I kept silent. Knew I was tired. Knew I was finalizing a divorce. Knew I was moving and buying a house and moving again. First, I noticed my vision was off (I will save my health for another blog post because it would hijack the point and it’s a long story). The point is I was grinding, my body was sending me all kinds of warning signs, and I kept going — maybe even harder. Honestly, I had no freaking choice on some of the changes that I had to tackle head on, but in hindsight, I just should have listened to my body or slowed my roll or addressed it sooner. I thought it was what it was and I had to just push through (and I was almost there!) I kept thinking “When I am there, everything will be better.” Okay so…as you probably know by now, I was wrong. Here I am on the other side and I need to undo what I have done to myself and allow myself to heal, so the question is HOW? Well, I am making a lot of changes that I wanted to share! Here are 5 major things I am doing to heal and rebalance…  

  1. Physical: I did yoga yesterday for the first time in years. Right now I am on strict don’t lift, don’t run and really don’t do anything that will require my body to overwork instructions. So for the first time in a long time, I am resting and practicing restorative, mindful exercise. I am also taking the medicines like I am supposed to! After seeing 4 different doctors and listening to all, I am determined to turn this around!
  2. Sleep: Now that I am settled in my new house, my head will be hitting the same pillow every night and I know that will help! Now that I feel settled and I am not laying there calculating a move, that will help. I am also not opening my laptop after 9 pm so my brain will not be in work mode! I will continue keeping my 90 Days of START by me for my ongoing to-do list!  We are creatures of habit and sleep comes with healthy routines so I am resetting those!
  3. Business: One of the companies is in the process of being acquired (it is not STARTplanner don’t worry we won’t part with it). One new company I am starting, Yes if you want to be notified when you can rent this little slice of heaven, you can join this list here! Business wise, moving forward, it HAS TO BE a hell yes or a no! My time is my most limited resource so I will be making strategic business moves on how, when, what and where I will be investing my time. Just know we have some legit awesome stuff coming and oddly I think I was supposed to go through all this to be able to do what I am getting ready to do. Passion is what fuels me in every aspect of my life… business included!
  4. Personal Projects: One thing at a time Kristy. One week after I got keys to my house, one of the contractors came back and saw the house again and said…. Ummm you have done a months worth of work in a week. HOLLA!!! That is KD! 🙂 But my true friends have also seen this and called me out for doing to much to soon…they are right, prioritize and do little by little instead of going all in. I mean I am still torn because I have a vision, but right now I am just listening because they are probably right. Maybe! But really…we need friends who will ground us!  
  5. Fun: This goes back to the business post. But I am just at the point in my life if it is not the energy I want to be around, I am just not doing it. I will be investing my time and energy on passions that fill me up! Depth, layers, and laughter! Life is full of valleys and peaks I know that and get that, but I am aiming for the peaks and plan to ride them as much as I can for as long as I can. If nothing else, this health scare has reminded me of the importance and reality of how lucky our health, body, and minds are. More fun. More peaks. More passion. More good!

I know I was meant to walk this journey. To feel this all. I also know there is way more fight left in me and little by little day-by-day, I am going to figure it all out and the people who are meant to be in my life will be. It will be a fight and a force that can not be denied.

And because blogs are way better with images! Here is me getting answers and taking control of my body and healing.

Here is a little update on the home front. Little by little it is feeling like home and issues are getting sorted out! One day, one little thing at a time!

Thanks for being here friends. More to come from me soon!


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