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5 Ways I Recharge!

We all recharge differently. I talked recently in my vacation recap that one of the ways I restored was to go on vacation and how it leaves me feeling more productive, but there are a couple of other ways too, and I wanted to share with you, so maybe you can apply them! It depends on what I need re-charging from. Here are five ways I recharge. I encourage you to find multiple ways that you recharge, depending on your needs and personality, it could be different!

1. Adventure. Travel is only part of it.  I don’t do as well when going to the same place. I am an explorer at heart, I want to see DIFFERENT and experience a variety of things. Routine is something I strive on when at home and work, but in order to counterbalance, I need to break out of my routine and out of my element to really make my brain slow down and take a breath.

2. Friends. And not just any friends…. people who inspire me to be better. A better mom, person, business person, etc. You need people in your life who will inspire and push you to be the best version of yourself. You need a tribe to hold you accountable. I need to get better about scheduling time in for this. I get so busy and forget to make it happen.

3. Knowledge. Whether it is at a conference learning, being a part of a mastermind group, or reading a business book, knowledge is like a jolt of fuel that I sometimes need! Some recent good books I have read are Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk and Finish by Jon Acuff. My goal is to get involved in a mastermind group at some point this year!

4. Downtime. Sometimes I just need quiet time. Sometimes, I hate being alone, but lately I have had a couple nights to myself and I have stayed home watched an early movie. It is refreshing to clear my head and hear myself think sometimes and do odd little projects–like planting all my planters at our house–which I love doing!

5. Challenge. Last but not least, I need a challenge. I need to be doing something out of my comfort zone. I need something that forces me to learn and to be pushed because that also energizes me. Passion is the cornerstone of my being. Last year, it was growing my speaking schedule stepping out of my comfort zone and acquiring and renovating our new building, STARThq.

Being on the Harvard stage was for sure a highlight.

This year my challenge is STARTdetoxing. Navigating all the red tape of the industry. Learning and building and creating another brand!

  1. Deborah K

    May 16th, 2018 at 10:41 am

    I LOVE this! ???? I am SOOOOO guilty of this and my body suffers. I am actually down to a very unhealthy weight 96 lbs at 5’2” … feel my best closer to 107 lbs. ???? I am writing this as I sit at home “resting” from a major asthmatic attack yesterday. ???? Trying to start writing in a planner and thinking about writing in a journal daily to keep myself focused on ME.

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