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6 Ways I am Surviving

Can I just recap for a moment my last 90 days? And honestly, I am not even going to recap it all. Just high level.

  • I got divorced.
  • I got prescribed an overdose amount of medication from my doctor and landed in the ER in San Diego the night I finalized my divorce.
  • I came home from San Diego and moved out to Dickerson Hill without the world knowing.
  • I finally decided to share the truth I had been hiding and compartmentalizing for over a year–That I was divorced, had moved and that was trying to do and make the best decisions for all parties involved (mainly my kids) while not sharing. Those boys are the three hearts I try to make every decesion on.
  • I launched preorders on STARTplanner products.
  • I felt my health slipping but I kept pushing.
  • I helped to hold a conference, was a speaker and taught a workshop.
  • I bought a house that needed work to even move into. I started that remodel.
  • I moved again.
  • I broke.

Now currently.

  • Selling one company I am an owner in.
  • STARTing a new company (coming soon) HERE is waiting list for details! And designing, decorating and handling all backend details of that business.
  • Thousands of preorders for STARTplanner mid-year line are about to be shipped out!
  • End of the year school parties, activities and summer for my kiddos.

Even typing it all out….I realize it is a lot and this is just a high level. I have hired two new people this week to be a part of my core team. Everything in my life is getting resolved and I honestly think to myself “how have I survived?” and it these three things.

  1. Counseling. Yes, lots of it. Support and guidance from trusted friends. A couple of key people who have been there for me non-stop and have been constants. Those people I owe everything too.
  2. List Building. This is not a “selling” post at all, but STARTplanner. My 90 Days of START in particular. My lists have been endless in order to execute all of this and my mind has been racing. I am a pen to the paper type of girl and this has honestly been how I have made the forward motion and how I am coming out the other side!
  3. Journaling. I have kept a journal for 18 months documenting my emotions.
  4. Support Systems. I am learning that I have to ask for help. I have to create boundaries and I have to give myself grace, so I have learned that I cant do everything by myself, so I have learned to lean-in.
  5. Praying. Yes, I have been praying and often for answers. For clarity for everything to get easier for everyone.
  6. Resting. I am learning to rest. To slow down and although it is not something I am wired to do, I am going to make it happen and I will have a different approach to life after everything I have been through.

It is just one day. One thing at a time. It is taking steps in the direction of your heart. It is knowing that people were put in your life for a reason. It is knowing the ones who are meant to be there will fight to be there and it will get easier. It is exuding that energy I am feeling and continuing to do “KD”. I am constantly learning. I am stronger and more aware and alive than I have ever been before!

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