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One of the things that I think myself and my team has become really good is understanding brands and building them. One of my passions is building a brand from start to finish! I have learned about the importance of details to a whole new level with the STARTdetoxing launch and I wanted to share some of them with you!
Branding details are SO important in business and that’s why with all my businesses I jump in fully with two feet. People notice details, people appreciate details. I know this may mean putting in some extra time but I promise you, in the end, you, your customers/clients with be SO much happier and that is what is most important! Take that extra day, talk to that extra person, get those details solidified and you will be setting yourself up for nothing but success.
  • Personality – With your message, you have to pick a tone and in my opinion a personality! With STARTplanner our boxes say “meet your new best friend”! Everything is very upbeat and encouraging. With STARTdetoxing everything we have done we have wanted to add personalize by cheering others on but with a more serious and information tone, encouraging them to live clean. Living clean and taking care of yourself is not an easy task and we want the tone to be encouraging every 30 days when that box arrives at the doors they are inspired and can hear us talking to them.


  • Personalize it. – Talk to them. Use you and break down those messages when injecting personality. For instance, when someone subscribes for the first time we have a welcome card that we will be sending them. It is a personalized message from me not only thanking them but speaking into them that I believe in them. And I do! Going to wait to share this to be part of the experience!


  • Authentic- Brands have to be authentic and they have to go back to people. I believe that. So many people have great ideas but if they don’t have people propelling it with a passion and purpose so it only goes so deep. I believe that people can relate and feel that. We are in the middle of producing a video that interjects personality, is personal to me and I can whole heartily say that I authentically believe in this with every ounce of my being. But if you curious the how behind this company and if it is authentic to me, read this blog post here! Here was my surgery in January and then a month later being interviewed by Fox 5 to spread awareness.

  • Mission- What is your mission? Products don’t sell…. People can sell and missions behind those people. Our mission with STARTdetoxing is to inform others of gut health, immunity and toxins that lurk everywhere. It doesn’t there. If our mission is to talk about eliminating toxins we have to do it authentically ourself….

  • Color Pallete and Style – So basic but this is where it all starts with the style of logo and color palette. We tested many different colors and was actually going to have two different colors. But when it all came together we ended up going with one color. Our bottles clear, lids smooth white and it made the color the perfect pop!

This is when we were trying to nail down the color for the bottles and if we were going to go with one color or two.


We then selected our label color and had to match it up with our boxes.

I am really good at seeing a brand and knowing what I like and don’t like. One of my biggest strengths is creating a tone and personality and carrying it through the brand, but just like all the other START brands and my brands, Jenny is responsible for making the magic come to life with creating our logo and laying out the box design, postcards, etc. If you like this let me know! All these blog posts take a lot of time to produce so let me know if you like seeing behind the scenes of these types of details!
I also want to say a pretty brand is just that without the right people and relationships behind it!
Keep hustling!


  1. Valerie

    August 8th, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Great content, and so timely, too! I am in the weeds right now trying to work through my own branding and didn’t realize just how difficult it would be. This helps a lot!!

  2. Stephany

    October 17th, 2018 at 5:20 am

    Awesome tips. As we are a newly started Coffee shop, we are working with the leading branding agency in Sunshine coast, to promote our brand. Here I got great tips to implement in our strategy to create a unique brand identity. Thanks for sharing.

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