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One year since I did one the scariest things…

One year ago I remember laying on the operating room table. The doctor was running behind from a previous surgery. They had me on the table because it was about to start and then he had an issue he had to attend too. I looked to my right and saw all sorts of interesting equipment that were sharp and immediately starred up at the light and started counting the bulbs in the big overhead light to try to calm myself. My body was doubting my decision, I was scared, so I just started focusing on micro things that helped me get to that next moment.
After I counted them twice, I carried on conversations with the nurses. Next thing I know, the doctor walking in and saying “sorry for the delay”, and a mask went over my face. Next thing I remember, I woke up in the recovery room shivering. I immediately felt my chest. It was smaller. I immediately took a deep breath and what felt like the first deep breath I had made in years.
And if you are new here. You can read the full story that went viral here. You can see the segment on Fox5 here. And if you think it is just me, do a simple google search of Breast Implant Illness, and you will find hundreds of articles like THIS (
I get asked these questions all the time:
Why did you share?
I almost didn’t. I mean being real I didn’t want the entire world to know I had implants. I was modest with mine. I bet the majority of people who knew me had no idea. My Grandpa also is on social media so I knew he would find out and that just seemed weird. Haha… but truth! I am a very expressive person, and writing, thoughts, feeling, and experiences help me to cope with it. I wrote it out, it was therapeutic for me, but because I worried about what everyone would think, I almost didn’t hit publish. I ultimately hit publish because I felt like it was a topic that others should know about it. It is a foreign object in your body. And the reality of our society is hundreds of thousands of women a year go under the knife for body image and I wanted to share my experience to make sure they knew another side.
Here were my implants. I mean crazy that was in me…. and here is the scar tissue is also known as a capsule. Our bodies are designed to protect so that scar tissue develops to TRY to protect itself. It is vital if you are explanting that you not only removed the implants but the scar tissue that surrounds it.
Do you regret sharing?
No….. I can’t even begin to tell you the emails, comments, and Instagram DMs that I get from women who were going to modify their body for one reason or another but didn’t after reading my post and learning more. You sometimes forget the eyes that you have on you. For me, if one young girl or one Mom of two kids see the post and it prevents them from going through with a potentially dangerous surgery, then it is worth it. I want more women to just practice self-love. I am more strong inside and out than ever before! It is not from surgery but yet from putting in the work in the gym and in the kitchen. We have so much power we just have to use it!
Here I was skinny last February because I couldn’t process any foods! 28 food allergies. Here I am this week. Hair growing back, strong, and not battling daily food problems! And yes I also think having a good probiotic has been vital. Yes, all this lead me to make my own because there is so much crap on the market… that is well crap 🙂  If you want to try to celebrate my ONEYEAR use code ONEYEAR and get 25% off anything on the site. CLICK HERE.   I really just want everyone to understand the importance of gut health to overall health! Controls our immunity and it is our second brain! We have three. Our brain, our gut and our heart and they all work together! The Complete and the Probiotic has literally changed my life this past year! Yes, this can be applied to kits that are already discounted as a one time purchase!
Do you think implants are bad for everyone?
I think we all have different immune systems. Not everyone will have issues.  Our bodies respond to things differently, but after what I have learned about what makes up an implant, I personally believe they are just not safe for anyone. My tipping point with my implants was my last pregnancy. It was as if my body had enough and started shutting down.  Adult acne, hair loss, inability to lose weight.  I don’t think everyone will react or have issues, but it just isn’t worth the risk.
How big are your scars?
Well here are images from week one. I would say 3 inches on both sides. The image on the left shows the hole from the drain and the scars covered up with medical tape which had to be done for 6 weeks.  You can see how bruised up I was. The drains (shown on the right were the worse).
This summer while at the beach I fell asleep with my hands over my head and my bathing suit slipped up. My oldest asked my Mom, what happened to me. Probably the most unflattering photo but I don’t care.
Now being a year post operation I can say I can hardly even see them anymore. My scars have faded and my surgeon did an amazing job. No, I had no lift which some women also do. I was lucky enough that my skin retract. The day after my surgery I looked down at my chest and just bawled… was a shock to my system. Now I am proud of my itty bitties and love the way I am! They are me and compliment my figure the way God intended me to be. And I will just keep building my booty to compensate for anything I am lacking up top! 😉 Haha!
What is your biggest takeaway from this experience?
Well had I not had this experience, had I not had so many medical issues, had I not known what it is like to empathize with others who are dealing with digestion or gut issues, STARTdetoxing would have never come to be. I would have never had to opportunity to impact others health positively or connect with so many amazing people.
But probably my biggest takeaway is going back to remember that feeling of laying on that table. That feeling of being scared, of the unknown and instead of looking at the big picture focusing on micro things at the moment. Of enduring the hard experiences. Of following your gut and instinct and looking back although it was one of the hardest experiences of your life, you are now forever changed and more empowered than ever. That sometimes we all get caught up on the hard things and forget sometimes those things can be preparing or teaching us to be a better version of us.
One year ago I took out the most womanly thing about my body (or so I thought), but I came out the other end stronger (inside and out) than I could have ever dreamed! We don’t always see it when going through it. But sometimes the hardest things are just teaching us something. For me, it taught me empathy for others. It connected me to so many amazing women. And it gave me a new passion.
Everyone is doing the #10YearChallenge.  Here I was over 10 years ago and just got my implants done and I was 20!
Here I am now. Mother to three boys and stronger physically and mentally than ever. Yes, I have some battle wounds, but I am proud of them and proud of the experiences that have shaped me to be the woman that I am now.  My only goal is to use the knowledge I now have to help others be the best version of themself!
Thank you all for sharing my journey with me. I appreciate you!

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