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Changing Schedules: Summer Routines

Well, hello there, summer! How did that happen so quickly? My kids are out of school and changing schedules and routines is not always an easy thing. I am actually stoked for this change! A little slower pace in the morning without having the AM bus hustle, and in the evenings without the PM homework hustle!


As most of you know, my husband sold his company in 2012, went back to school, and he is now an ICU nurse at a local hospital. Not going to lie, it has been TOUGH with us both working full time, managing the kids’ schedules, and to top it off, he works the night-shift. We became two passing figures in our world, and we decided it wasn’t working for our family. Effective June 1st, he went part-time at work. If there is something that is not working or aligning with your priorities, make a change!

Regardless of the season, you are in, you have to plan for success. In order to do this, I use two planners!  Yes, true! Hustle Daily stays at my office and manages my daily-to list and I use the Mid-year Hustle Weekly to manage our home life. From kids sports to baby-sitters schedules, appointments, Jeremy’s schedule, etc.  I have been using Fancy Pants Weekly at home for my family planner but I wanted to shift the family to the Mid-year Weekly Hustle, an academic schedule so that I can plan the school year!
Here I was the other morning planning on my patio!
Our family planner stays on the kitchen counter.  We are a family of 5 so it just helps to have a central location that we all can see and refer to. I use the Fuel Notepad so that everyone can add to it and we can plan out meals prior to getting groceries. (Side note, I have been using Instacart since November and I have not been to the grocery store in almost half a year! If you want to try Instacart you buy using this link for 10 off! It has been a time saver and honestly money saver because I am not buying groceries we don’t need!)
Mid-year planners are great if you have kids because we typically plan our lives around their schedules and since it starts mid-year!
For work, I keep Hustle Daily on my desk! It manages my schedule and my daily to-do list! I only want to see one day at a time for this! If you are reading this and you know you want a planner just not sure which one, you can take this quiz here and snag a free download of the weekly and daily! HERE
Here are 3 tips if you are changing schedules and how to successfully transition. And again, as I said earlier, if something is not working, then make a change!
1. Create what a normal week would look like. Outline when you will be working, gym, others expectations etc. Outline it for you and also for your kids, if you have kids. I want my kids to continue reading and doing other various tasks.  It is important to be able to set a routine.
2. When setting a routine remember to take into account when you are your most productive and creative. Then time block by scheduling like-minded things together so you can stay efficient. I try to only take meetings twice a day.
3. Last but not least, it will take a couple days to get on a routine but don’t be afraid to make adjustments if it is not working! You have to prioritize what you need, TAKE CARE OF YOU, and make sure it is a working routine for all parties involved. So many people get into routines that are not working, and it creates more stress, but they don’t change anything. That is what I call a “rut,” and it doesn’t leave you optimal.
Happiness. Productivity. Success. These are the things that I want for you! It starts with planning for it! My kids will only be kids and little for so long, so I plan to make some adjustment in my routine to be able to spend time with them by taking days off and working remotely. After all, they are why I do what I do!

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