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Intentional – Common Planning Questions

I just started mapping out the next 12 months of my life. There is a lot that I am unsure on, but there is also so much I am sure on. I have big dreams. BIG. And I owe it to myself and to those dreams to make it happen. I needed some space and I am currently checked off of social media. To rest, to reset, and to also intentionally plan.  It is okay to take space if you need it!

I am answering the 5 most common planning questions I get. 
If you are not intentionally planning your life, you will never make the forward motion in areas that you desire too! 

  1. Which Planner do you use? I use Hustle Weekly STARTplanner and 90 Days of START! Hustle Weekly to plan out my months and childcare and I love seeing a week at a time. 90 Days of START is my ongoing daily to-do list and to be honest it rarely leaves my side. My Hustle Weekly Planner stays at home on my home office desk.
  2. Do I use a digital calendar? Yep. I am divorced and not all of my co-workers live in the same state. I also have multiple businesses so I need the ability to have digital calendars. I am very tech savvy and love using digital ways to optimize.
  3. It’s 2019 why paper? With the two being said above. It is virtually impossible for my brain to execute on a digital calendar. It is great for adding things quickly and sharing calendars but I must carry it over to my paper calendar to map it out! You can see some examples below on how I am starting to map out the rest of my year.
  4. Favorite Planning Accessories? For the Hustle Weekly, it is a given that you need a ruler/bookmark. I also love the add-a-page snap-ins to add custom things to my planner. And I use a sidekick to keep my favorite pen, pencil, and highlighters close by. 90 Days of START I use the 90 Days of START ruler. I am not art inclined so I am very basic when it comes to planning. So any images you see on the web with amazing drawings or handwriting know that is Jenny, my business partner! I am a finance girl.
  5. When do you plan? Great question! Once a quarter I sit down with my team and we plan the next 90 days of content, make decisions on the next 6 months and constantly looking at a year at a time always. Actually, during this space, I am giving myself I am intentionally planning and setting goals and dreams for my next year. If you don’t intentionally plan a direction then the likelihood of making the forward motion in that direction is low. At the beginning of the month, I review financials and access what we did. (Or what we didn’t do) and during peak months of business that is a weekly or even daily thing. I pay bills twice a month. Typically every other week on assigned days and mainly every Sunday I sit down and plan out my schedule for the week to execute. Once a month I plan out employees schedules so I know who is doing what and where. A lot of times things happen and it doesn’t go as planned but that is just the art of pivoting and to make it you must learn to be good at that regardless of a plan!

Make intentions for July. Give yourself time to rest if you need it and when you are ready… get after it!



And know I will be back soon…. and blazing!

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