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Dickerson Hill

Dickerson Hill – Come Stay!

This is a decision I did not come to lightly. If you have been following along on social media (@kristydickerson) you will know that I have a mountain home and I have been debating on turning it into a rental home business or sell it. I don’t have the time to be there full time and honestly had to take a step back and do some soul searching. This is essentially me starting another business and so many voices in my world are telling me to sell. Telling me, “Kristy this is an expensive home with upkeep and what if people don’t take care of it, what if a storm comes through and takes out more trees”… and listing out a bunch of other scenarios. I honestly get a lot of people’s opinions, but you know the only one that matters… your own. Your belief, your vision, and your heart and your commitment to making it all work! Do I have 100% peace on this decision? No, but this is what my gut, my heart, my everything is telling me to do so I have to leap!

This home, the land, the creek, all of it has saved me and it is a piece of me. It is not its original intent of the home, but I just know this home is meant to be opened up to others and maybe this is it’s calling. It is an escape and retreat like NO other, and it is meant to be that for others too! I have hand-picked everything in this home, and I am splashing my personality and brand all over the entire experience of coming to stay here!

You can watch this informal welcome video HERE!

You can check out the Dickerson Hill Website HERE!

I just redid the design of the cabin and I love it!!!! I skipped on nothing and I have splashed me and my personality all of the design, the welcome guide and this entire business! Thought I would share some images here giving you all an overview! If you have any questions at all about coming to stay at this home you can email, I do have people and resources in place that will be running this business for me!

Just obsessed with its modern design and architecture.
Details! I am obsessed. From the light fixtures with the cooper interior down to the modern clean numbers that lay below the light.
Laundry space and entry into the home. Can we talk about that shiplap?!?!
Kitchen! Yes, you will want to cook here! equipped with Thermador appliances and custom built in cabinets!
Those windows!
Open living concept!
This couch is a futon so can serve as a sleeping space if it is needed!
Directv is in the home and one TV. I originally wanted no TV in this home so it would be completely off grid but then decided it is needed!
You can never have enough greenery!
Master Bedroom. Gosh I love this space. And yes those windows!
Private Master Bathroom. This wood is from the original home that was on the property!
Guest Bedroom 1 with a Queen Bed!
Guest Bathroom that is shared!
Guest Bedroom 2 that is a Queen Murphy Bed
The 4th bedroom is a bunk room that has two bunks!
Each of the bunks have a trundle so this space can sleep 6 comfortably.
The best for last! My favorite part of the home. OUTSIDE! This is the outdoor living room!
It is a huge cantilevered porch that is a slice of heaven. Sitting out here you can hear the creek, the birds and you can really just get lost!
Just me. Dreaming. Opening my home and heart and going for it!

I know my ability, I know my heart, and I know this is a special home that I am meant to open my doors for others to enjoy! Oh and, follow along on @dickersonhill on social media we will be sharing sources and design information about this home with links and info!

thanks for being here. For following my journey, and allowing me to dream out loud alongside all of you!


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