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Exterior Update!

This was so dang hard to keep a secret and not going to lie I did multiple happy dances all week coming home daily to updates! I shared this on Instagram but wanted to share it here too.

1. I almost lost this house. You don’t need to know why just know it almost slipped through my hands and I fought for it. Hard.

2. Some didn’t understand why I fought for it and even told me to let it go.  They thought it was not that great looking of a home. They didn’t see the potential. I saw this home for the first time and knew it was mine. The layout, the open floor plan, the abundance of light pouring in. I saw a very clear vision and knew its potential and really didn’t care what others thought. It just needed some love! Okay, a lot of love!

3. I have had countless people messaging me about it all week. Stopping. Taking pictures ALLLL day. And even knocking on my door. This sweet older lady stopped and said, “ I can’t even… I sat and starred for 10 minutes from my car and had to come to meet the new homeowners. She then said, “is your husband home I would love to say hello to him, we live just one street over.” I gave her a short two-line explanation. And she said, “so let me get this straight… you are 32, single, flipped this home on your own in two months, working mom and have kids?  You won’t be single long, but until then keep representing women well.”

Just those last couple of words…..” keep representing well”. It brought tears to my eyes. I just know I am meant to share my life with all of you. THAT is my current calling! Thank you for being here! Mean it!

Here are details and more pictures an information!!!


This is before! So overgrown with landscaping and dark! I mean you couldn’t even see the house!
Just all the feels friends!

Colors are all Sherwin Williams Emerald. It is brick painted. Primed and with Satin Alabaster(SW 7008). Gutters, all exterior doors and garage door all Alabaster. Door pop of color is Calico (SE0017)! Light fixtures, the interior sash of windows and metal railing all Iron Ore(SW 7069)!

Did I get new windows? Yes and no. I had to replace 11 windows, door jams, facia boards, and exterior trim in various places. I have been running a version of fixer-upper over here! 😉 All the things that I knew prior to purchasing. The panes were removal so the windows I didn’t need to get replaced they were removed and all windows cleaned and painted interior too to look brand new! But these are the original windows that were in the home!

see the wood rot on the image on the left here? Here is the new look!
All fixtures and the mailbox got a fresh coat of paint! And on the left see where it says “times two”… that is my notes for myself when heading to Lowes to get new bulbs.
These are original to the home and I loved them and wanted to keep them!!!! I am just obsessed y’all!

New exterior locks. Oil rubbed bronze to be a nice contrast. Front door I went more traditional to go with style, but it had a square backplate to tie in my modern flare. And I rekeyed 7 locks yesterday! Yes, me! It took me two hours and a Youtube video or two later, but I did it! I went with Kwikset! Here is all of them that I went with from Lowes! Again it’s those small details that make a big difference!

Loved the contrast and clean lines!
YESSSSS Home Sweet Home!

The deck needed repair work. All new steps and various boards. For that reason, I went with a solid stain. I also only wanted a slight variation in contrast so went with Driftwood which is a light gray(SW3027). It is perfect!! Now I need deck furniture to enjoy the space!!!

So shutters I did not plan to take off. But when they were taken down I was like bam… those are staying down! The HOA did not approve that…. but HOA if you see this blog post. Know I am sorry. I followed the rules on the paint, but the shutters I didn’t know until mid-project. Just trust me it was the right call okay? haha! #sorrynotsorry #dontbemad

The inside window panes were removal and I had them paint the interior of the windows black to give it a nice pop and contrast!

Mixing old with new. To me, it is about maintaining the original design and character of the home while updating. Told you guys I saw this home and knew what I would do immediately and knew it was mine. I LOVE this kind of stuff and decorating designing doing things like this is a total love of mine! I kept the original exterior lights. On the side of the house and garage, you will see some unique glass windows in garage door and above I almost replaced, but instead I decided to mix and I am so glad I did! I want the history of this home left but I wanted to make it mine too.

It’s the details to me. The history. I had a very clear vision of this home and I am just so excited to share it with all of you!!! Start remodeling??? Haha… no no no. No new business or career just a love language and hobby of mine! Thank you all again for being here and being a part of my journey!


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