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Family Photos: Gerst Family

I don’t care if your kids are 2, 15, 30, or full grown taking the time to have family pictures is SOOOO important!! It wasn’t until a couple years ago when we lost my Grandma that I really understood the importance, and now engrain it into my own family as well. So once a year whether it be on vacation, holiday, or whenever I try to make it a habit to pull our families together for a picture. This is your life and it is so worth documenting exactly how you are. For your family, for your kids, and for yourself!

With all that being said, I want to introduce you to the Gerst family! We had everyone in town for Thanksgiving so I had a couple sessions of the long break and we got amazing weather. I mean sunny and 70 in Georgia! Kinda bizarre but with all the recent rain it was so appreciated!

Garrett and Katie


Hannah…. you are gorgeous I hope you know that!

And probably my favorite!

And then just a breakdown of just the “kids”, the “men”, the “ladies”,

Love it!

I am not sure if we are in the redwood forest or just our local park….. BUT I LOVE THIS!!!! And no this is not a post to hire me. Of course if you can hire a photographer it helps to create good memories that will sustain but whatever you have just document your families! You will thank me later!

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