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Friends on Fridays: Questions Vol: 1

If you guys like this I will try to do this more often! I get asked questions all the time and this way I can answer publically so it can also benefit others!

Here are the questions selected for last weeks questions,  I did a call for questions on Instagram and if you guys like these let me know and I will do them again!!!

** Again I am not sponsored by any company. I no longer take sponsorships so products/companies I am recommending below, I am just authentically recommending because I use and like. ????

@mrskellymorgan asked

“When you got motivated to start eating well and working out more(your before and after photo), what did you do? Did you start a program or decide yourself or do baby steps to the point you are now.”

From this photo to this photo was three years. It was for sure not an overnight transformation. I honestly started reading and learning about health, gut, nutrition, hydration, and foods that were inflammatory. If I don’t know something I learn. I read three books in about a week to understand gut health. Inflammation I really believe is the root of a lot of issues. I started with a food allergy test to find out what my body was reacting too. Not only did I physically not look like I was in great shape but inside I was reacting to a lot of foods and I was taking so many medicines because so many things were off. Step one was eliminating those foods from my diet, while my body healed. I eat very little sugar and carbs early in the day to use them for energy. I also eat a lot!

In 2015, I got back in the gym as soon I was released after having my son, but it was not until the end of this last year, explanting, taking natural supplements (which is where startdetoxing is being burned) that I really started to transform. I am working on a download of the basics of my diet and am teaming up with someone that focuses on the fitness area to bring you a download of workouts with videos.

*** Interested on STARTdetoxing make sure you are on this LIST HERE>. Also sharing the startup behind the scenes on Instagram if you want to follow along there. STARTdetoxing Instagram

How did you get motivated? I always start a workout plan and never follow through.. help….

Okay so, I say this with business and in life. You have to either be inspired or desperate to make a change. I was both. If you are not one or the other, even if you have accountability you can fail. I also think setting realistic goals and having benchmarks helps! Sticking to it for a certain amount of time, because when you start seeing or FEELING a difference, it will make all the difference in the world and I really feel like at that point you will keep going. Bottom line though you have to be ready for the change and mentally prepared to do it! No one can do it for you!

I’m struggling with breakfast right now. What do you eat for breakfast that fuels you and keep you full?

Great question! My mom used to tell me breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you know what? She is right! If people shifted there thinking to eat more of the right foods at breakfast and less of the carb-heavy meals at dinner, it would make a huge difference.

I am going to say eggs. If you do not have an allergy/sensitivity they should be a staple. I can’t eat eggs which stinks but eggs with spinach, or peppers/onions, tomatoes. Here are my go-to breakfast items.

* Protein shakes with almond or coconut milk. I typically also add almond butter and/or chia seed to my shakes 16oz milk, ice and then one of these protein shakes. I am dairy free, so they are great dairy-free options. or
* Turkey Bacon is life. I don’t eat much pork at all but Turkey bacon yum!
* Post workout I am drinking one of these as well! High-quality natural ingredients to help my body and muscles recover! “FITBODY15” for 15% off.
* When I am in a hurry these save me. So many nutritionists say never to eat protein bars, but these are dairy free and a very clean option for crunch times that DO happen.
* Nuts. Brazilian Nuts, Walnuts, and Pecans are three of my favorites.
* And don’t judge, but a lot of times I have extra protein from the night before on some greens. Leftover chicken, steak, salmon on some greens (kale or mixed greens) with this dressing. This dressing also is a great marinade too!

I am currently reading your book, and my STARTplanner is arriving. I’m 30 years old and at a standstill in my career and finances, and I’m struggling to determine what to do next. What is your advice on discovering your passion to leverage your strengths and weaknesses to achieve them? I was like what the heck are my strengths?

GREAT question!!! Well, passions can be anything you have been interested in. I have been someone that has leaned into my passions over the years heavily, and it has brought me to where I am today. Wedding Photography, then speaking, then STARTplanner and so on. I also want to be very clear. I still struggle daily. I think we are designed not to feel like we know it all or feel comfortable, but we must also train ourselves always to learn and push ourselves.

If you are not sure about your strengths, check out these.

If you are not sure what your next step then start learning. Yes, really. Pick up books and start learning about things are you passionate about. Consider going on a retreat to a conference of an industry that you are interested in. You also have to be willing to lean into change if that is something your life is ready for! Which I know can sometimes risky and scary but it is the only way we really grow!!!

I would love to know your routine daily and if you time blocks certain activities.

So Monday – Friday here it is.
Wakeup 5:00 am (down 16 oz of water) then coffee
Gym typically at 7:00
Home shower and try to get to the office by 9:30
Office until 4:00 ( I try only to have meetings two days a week. Team meetings on certain days, etc.) That doesn’t always happen, but it helps. I am also my most focused and creative in the mornings, so I try to save that for content creation or business tasks, so I am hyper-focused on.
Family, Dojo, Baseball, Dinner generally around 5:30
And I usually am in bed asleep by 9:30. Got to have my sleep!

Oddly weekends I still up early before the family and work as long as I don’t have a late night out! Balance and moderation! And I realize my normal might not be your normal but this is me being my most productive and allowing me to balance!

@amkozee @juliefoster30
Meal plan on a daily basis? What and when do you normally eat? 

Okay, so there is meal prepping and food prepping. I rarely meal prep unless I have leftovers at dinner and prepping a salad for the next day a lunch with leftovers. Food prepping is when you make a lot of different foods and pull them together as you need them. Meal prepping is the meal is ready to go. Food prepping is preparing foods and then putting together when you are ready.

My diet in general – No gluten, no grains, no dairy and limit sugar. I know I am crazy, but it is what my body needs and how I feel my best. It is actually what our bodies are designed to eat. We don’t see cows eating chicken. We are created to eat vegetables and protein.
* Light breakfast typically nuts or protein bar
* After gym post workout and within the hour protein either shake
* Lunch usually some salad with protein and nuts.
* Mid-afternoon nuts of some sort or vegetables that were prepped and leftover.
* Dinner protein (everything but pork really) vegetables (green beans, okra, squash, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, squash, cauliflower
* Maybe a Tablespoon of almond butter. Solves that sweet tooth.
This might sound scary, but I now crave these types of foods. If doing a carb like quinoa, I do it around lunch time to burn it for energy. We try to overcook on meals at night to repurpose for lunches.


Happy Friday Friends! I love the community that has evolved and I am so thankful for each and every one of you! Let’s keep making it happen!



  1. Kaylee Doran

    June 15th, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    Thank you , Kristy!

  2. Amy

    June 18th, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    This is great! I understand the overall principles of eating right, but when I try to meal plan and prep, I’m blank. It’s so good to hear some specifics about what you actually eat. Can’t wait to see more of these Q&As!!

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