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Goals: From Elementary School

Roman my 8 year old came home last week and we had a project to work on. Part of what they have been teaching in second grade is to set goals that are SMART. His project consisted picking a book, reading it, understanding the habit that applied, making a visual and creating a book report. Go ahead stay with me I am not going to just be talking about elementary projects here. We created a goal to complete the project by Sunday. We assigned certain days for different tasks so that it wouldn’t be overwhelming for him and so that it was realistic. (action steps)  Each task had a deadline. He was dreading the project and he is someone when he gets overwhelmed he just shuts down. By breaking it apart it was not so intimidating.


I talk about setting Goals all the time but this was a great reminder that this is a practice that we are taught from a young age. Probably at some point in your school years you remember a teacher talking about the importance of setting SMART goals.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Results- Focused
T – Time Bound


The problem is we are taught it, but we are not required to make it a habit or a routine in our daily lives. Yearly, quarterly, monthly, even daily we should be setting SMART goals for all aspects of our lives!  A lot of people set goals every year, but if you are really working towards something you should set and access your goals often. One of the steps that I think is missing to a “SMART” goal is accountability. Share your goals with someone to hold you accountable BUT to also push you when you don’t believe in yourself. Share this post with someone! Share one of your current goals and use hashtag #startwithKristy and tag me… and yes I will follow up with you soon to make sure you are working towards it!


Last but not least if you are working towards something and it seems completely overwhelming or impossible… break it down!


It’s Monday, start of a new month, start of the second quarter. Time to make things happen!!!


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