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Do you guys feel it? A fresh NEW year! Sometimes it is needed. A clean slate, a restart point. A fresh new pair of tennis shoes to begin training for that marathon or a new planner to motivate you to get organized. I actually don’t love the idea of New Year’s resolutions, because I feel you should constantly be setting goals, reassessing them, and having different people push you. I also believe that if there is something in your life you want to change, you shouldn’t put it off and wait until a new year begins. Do you know that according to a report in WalletHub that between 42% and 92% of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail!

That is crazy right? If two people were reading this one would likely fail. There are so many different methods to goal setting: “Set a word that governs your year”, “Pick only one goal and focus”. Some even say, “Don’t set New Year’s resolutions because you are setting yourself up to fail.”


Okay, so here is my take. We should ALWAYS be pushing ourselves to be healthier, happier, and more successful because we deserve it. And remember, success is defined by how you define it, not by how society defines it. My opinion is if you have been pushing stuff off, now is the time to take action–to take care of you and your health, get control of your finances, take that trip, start that business, I mean the list is endless. I do believe there is power in focusing on one thing at a time, especially if you are getting overwhelmed, because change is not easy. I believe one of the biggest keys to success is having someone to hold you accountable. It could be the same person for all your goals or different people for different goals! Goals must also be SMART!

Specific: Clearly define what you want to achieve.

Measurable: Determine how to quantify your achievements for this goal.

Attainable: Is this something that can be achieved?

Realistic: Is this something that can be achieved within your resources and time?

Time-based: Always give yourself a deadline and stick to it!

Write down your goals, put them somewhere you can see them, and refer to them often! Those written goals will also be useful on bad days, to remind you of why you started in the first place and to keep you from giving up when the going gets tough. You need to create actionable steps that coincide with these goals, and establish deadlines for yourself to make them happen. Of course, your daily schedule should relate back to achieving those goals. Your schedule and daily life should fill up with actionable steps and tasks that align with your goals. If you are a bookworm or are looking for inspiration to help you get a jumpstart on your year then check out my book Start Balancing

2018…. I am coming for you! We are coming for you! No more tomorrow, next Monday, or next year. It is time to do the work NOW!

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