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Halloween 2017 : Astronauts vs Aliens

It started in the spring with our trip to D.C. when I was speaking at Washington University. We visited the National Air and Space Museum and they had THE actual costumes that look like Astronauts at the museum and we just thought they were so realistic and cool looking that we bought them. The younger ones loved them but Roman, our oldest, said, “I am not doing a family costume this year. I want to be something scary like an alien.” What happened to my baby? I suppose kids grow up don’t they (sigh).

Last two years we have done family costumes. 2016 we went as the Ghostbusters and 2015 we were all pirates. I knew he would eventually want to do his own thing but what he didn’t know was his Mom would figure out a way to take a spin on it.

So this year we did a house divided. Some astronauts flew to outer space and found two aliens! 🙂 “Houston we have a problem. We have encountered some foreign species.”

In case you can’t tell, we LOVE Halloween and we just love how big our neighborhood does it. The kids enjoy it so much!!!! This year has been a whirlwind of a year with an expanding business, husband in a new job, and building a house, but we somehow were able to pull it all together last minute!

Here are some pictures of my crazy crew along with some pictures from Halloween Night!

Left to Right if you are new around here: August (5), Jeremy, Silas (2) and Roman (9).


Roman HAD a BLAST!!!! His mask was awesome and he had such a good time all night playing with people!!! 


I mean doesn’t he look good in this costume?? It is okay… one good looking Astronaut right there! 


Astronauts VS Aliens!


My little Astronauts!




Some fun from Halloween night! 

My niece Haley!


My Aunt, Deanna, who came as a… well, use your imagination. 🙂 HAHA 

Trick or Treat!

Silas did so good this year! I didn’t have to drag him around! He totally loved every second running from house to house and saying thank you!


Fun neighbors!









Until next year! Now, does someone want to come clean up? No, but really? 😉

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