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Holiday Gift Guide with Black River Imaging


One of my FAVORITE things to do is to give gifts, and holidays are the perfect time to remind your most loved ones and your most valuable clients that you care! If you own a small business this should be a time you go out of your way to thank them for the part they play in your life. For over 4 years I have been using Black River Imaging to not only order gifts for my friends, family, and myself but also for my business. Here are 5 of my favorite gifts to give! 


1. Holiday Cards – This gift is twofold. If you are a photographer designing these for your clients, and you missed my free templates, you can download them here. I also just love to send holiday cards! It is totally my jam and I get so excited every year to mail them out! Personalizing them with pictures is a great way to share recent pictures and to keep in touch with friends and family. Don’t forget to send holiday cards to your vendors and business partners you work with on a regular basis as well! Holiday cards are a classic tradition that won’t be going away any time soon! 


2. Acrylic Blocks – I love acrylic blocks! They are a fun way to decorate your home, a perfect gift, and also another neat way you can gift these to your vendors. You could do images, logos, and you can also see this post here with more ideas! 


3. Metal Pictures – I just love them! I use metal prints as dry erase boards and also have collages throughout my home. If you are looking for an inspiration piece check out this goal crushing board or see this full post of metal pictures and how I use them. 


4. Prints – You can never go wrong with pictures! These are perfect for gifting!!! Gift your clients, yourself, and friends and family! Look around your home and freshen up all your frames! 


5. Business Identity (Notecards, business cards) etc. – Last but not least… a gift to yourself! Take a look at your stationary or for my business owners your brand and business cards, pricing guides, etc. What needs to be printed, redesigned or freshened up! Order before the end of the year for a business write off!

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