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Probably one of the biggest questions I get asked is about money. From a business perspective, projections, marketing budget, payroll, I mean you name it. I go through peaks and lulls with reading, but I try to read every business book I can get my hands on, and we are not just talking marketing books, I read things like cash flow books that teach you how to rename and renumber your chart of accounts to look at historical data to make better decisions. Yes, I am a complete nerd I know this. I have embraced it so it is okay. 🙂
From a personal perspective, we have had hundreds of people adopt our financial planning methods in STARTplanner and have successfully paid down debt, saved to buy something big, and overall is more financially sound because they have a plan in place! This blog post has been a long time coming and I am creating all this content for FREE and making the downloads FREE so that you can start taking control of your personal finances! My passion is generally helping others better their lives! Me pushing and seeing others success is MY drive! So I hope you love and use these! I am going to have 3 parts to this Money Series and each part has a video and a download that I personally have walked through a worksheet to show you how.
Here are the three parts.
Part 1 – Personal Finances (Making a plan and yes I use my STARTplanner for this).
Part 2 – Get Out of Debt Financial Download – This is a FREE download I created this for anyone using aspects from our STARTplanner and way to itemize your debt to give you direction! Do you know how good it feels just when you have a plan?
Part 3 – Business Projections – Every business is different and this is hard to cover in one post but I will use our Business Partner and break down how I use and plan for marketing, projections, cash flow etc to spark a general overview of looking at finances in your small business.
As I stated, I have created videos for each and encourage all of you to grab this FREE download HERE that has all the worksheet for all three sections. When you download the zip you will see samples for each series and for the Get Out Debt Download you will find a blank one with directions.
Let’s get started! Financial Freedom here we come! Start with this video here!

Every year we sit down with our financial planner and estimate and come up with an overarching plan that gives me a direction of what we have to do. I come to the table with what I feel is realistic for budgeting for our family and we also talk through vacations or any other big purchases that we anticipate. Apps are helpful to know where your money is going but for me, I have to write it out and see it!!! I use the overview section in the goals of my STARTplanner to estimate. I like to estimate a year, but typically only plan a quarter at a time just in case life changes happen, then monthly I revisit to knock it out.
When the economy hit us hard in 2008 it scared us to death fearing we would lose our house and everything else. At the time I was not working and I remember my husband in a panic and we took my car and traded it in for something more economical. I will never forget that feeling of being out of control.
If you have seen not only do I love working, but one of the main reasons is I want to be in control and never rely on anyone again. That downturn in the economy shifted me to take control of finances in the home, to live more modestly and I started working.  I didn’t want to be dependent on anyone ever again. In 2017 I bought my own car brand new with my name only attached to it, and the irony was it was that dream car of mine that I had to trade in the downturn of the economy just this time I was in control. Turning around finances takes time. It takes diligence but it is something we all have the control to do no matter the paycheck!
Grab the download here and get to planning with me!
Here is just ONE testimony of someone that has been diligent and has made financial strides with putting pen to paper!

“this is my first month actually using a planner to write things down. It is also the first month in my adult life (I’m 28) that I have made a budget and stuck to it (for the most part) it’s been a bit of a struggle but here are the goals that I’ve accomplished in just 26 days:

1. My husband and I have not used either of our credit cards for ANYTHING.

2. I have paid off several things that were in or headed toward collections.

3. We did not have to live the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle that we have become far to familiar with over the past four years.

4. I over paid (by a wide margin) on each of our credit lines including our car payment.

5. I have kept track of where nearly each dollar has gone.

6. I SUCCESSFULLY SAVED $1000!!!I believe 100% that I could not have accomplished these things without my Hustle Planner and the budget tool provided. I am extremely proud of myself and thankful for this wonderful gift that my mom gave me. I am also very thankful that Kristy have created such a beautiful (granted I’ve made a complete mess of it with all of my scribbles and notes) book for me to keep better track of my life in.I’m feeling pretty good today to say the least

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