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How to STAY Motivated

One of the most common questions I get is, how do I stay motivated. First, I want you all to know that I have my peaks and downfalls as well. I’ve come to realize that my lows happen when I am not taking care of my own needs. Not taking breaks, hitting the gym (or hitting the gym too much), eating clean, etc. It is all about Balance. We have tenancy to put ourselves last and that is one of the most detrimental things we can do not only for ourselves but also for the people who rely on us every day.

I do think that by nature people are either motivated or have the intent to be motivated.

If you are the latter, becoming motivated is not unattainable, you just might need to put some extra benchmarks and help in place!  You need to take an honest look at your habits and find someone to help keep you on track.

So, lets chat… Here are a couple ways I stay motivated and what works for me. Ultimately, this might not work for you but, through trial and error you can find out what does!

  • Goals – Obvious right? I am not a January 1st type of goal girl. Yes, I look at them at the new year and it is an awesome reset point which sometimes we need, but we should be setting goals monthly and reassessing them often. We should have benchmarks, dates, and a plan to get you there. Personally, I set yearly overarching goals, then I set quarterly business goals with projections, budgets, and cash flow analyzations. Then, each week, I am looking at my goals to see if we are on track and if not what could be done differently.
  • Responsibility – Do you thrive or die with responsibility? Being an entrepreneur means a lot of responsibility, but if you thrive on responsibility, this can be a HUGE motivator. I want to remind you all that when Jenny and I started STARTplanner, we didn’t have a team to help us either, we did everything. The responsibility of growing STARTplanner on our own was our motivator. We busted our ass (sorry for the cuss words mom) and then we grew it enough to hire one person to help with customer service and continued to grow. Once we got to this point, the motivation lied with leading our team and knowing they were relying on us. You might not be built to be an entrepreneur and responsibility might scare you. You need to know yourself in order to set yourself up for success!
  • People. I talked about accountability on this blog post here. I won’t dive into those details as I have it all outlined there but just a reminder that we will let ourselves down a lot of times. More than that, we can not always see our potential as well as others may be able too. Finding your tribe to hold you accountable and motivate you when needed is everything!
  • Breaks – Are you working in overdrive? Feeling burnt out? Some times you need to put hard breaks into your schedule to take a step away. This will help to clear your mind so that when you come back you are refreshed and ready to rock it out. A break can be anything from a 10 minute walk outside, lunch with a friend, or a full blown vacation.
  • Stop beating yourself up. I had to take about 6 weeks off from the gym. I just starting going back, and well…. It is so depressing. I can’t go full speed like I did 6 weeks ago. I am not in the shape I was, and it is easy to leave the gym each day feeling like I am behind. We all have to start somewhere so part of being motivated is to set realistic expectations and to give yourself a break. (I need to listen to my own advice here too!)

We all have different things that motivate us. For some it is money, others freedom, others responsibility. Find out what is your motivator and what you need to stay on track and make it happen!


Hustle On!

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