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January 7th – 30 day Challenge

Do you feel like you fell short in 2018…let it go!  Whether it be health goals or something else you can’t change what has taken place. You can only change and take control of right now. “New Year, New Goals” is my current motto.

Is getting mentally and physically healthy one your resolutions for 2019?! Are you ready to go all-in? On January 7th, I am starting the second 30-day challenge!!!


First, the challenge is FREE, there is one catch. You have to spend at least $78 with within the 30 days leading up to January 7th. If you are not sure what where to start details below or email Space is limited!

What is included?

You will get FREE downloads and content such as groceries lists, my favorite go-to meals, instructions and access to me directly through our private Facebook group.  Along with that, I have brought on four weekly special guests! Every Monday we will host a live chat in our private group to share information from a variety of experts and specialists. (See the schedule below.) You will be given all the tools you need to get help to achieve your health goals! This is so much content and value! If you miss the “live” we will record and you can watch or listen later!

Live Chat with experts every Monday at 1 PM EST.
 |  Kristy and Jenny  |  Getting organized for success with Meals and working out. 

1.14  |  Kayla and Michael Longshore  |  personal trainers

1.21  |  Dr. Kyle Fogel  |  Body Alignment & Natural Health 

1.28  |  Megan Yarbrough  |  Rest, Recovery & Stretch Therapy

How to Join?

The content and group are all FREE with a minimum $78 purchase from STARTdetoxing, so here are a few suggestions…

• If you are looking for a hard restart, I highly recommend snagging the Rescue System.

• I follow a rotation of the Maintain System for five months and then the Rescue System for a month and it is 100% what has helped me to get healthy this year and transform my body.

• If you are not sure you will take the Dead Sea Salt Baths, then just go with The Essentials.

• If you want all the free content and really just want to learn about these products before you jump ALL in, then order two bottles of Probiotics and let’s make changes happen!

Limited spots open, commit now to a healthy you for 2019!

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