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Makeup, Deodorant, and Dry Shampoo

A girl just trying to survive! I am not a makeup pro or a fashion blogger and being completely honest I was a straight up tomboy until the age 14, having all brothers! So, if you are looking for technique, I am not your gal, I could probably use some training myself. 🙂
What you do have is a girl that has about 10 minutes to get ready on a good day, high regards to not only quality of ingredients but function, and yes I love catering to my feminine side by looking and feeling pretty! I have worked hard to pull all this content together for you guys and make it is as easy as possible!  So if you love it or appreciate it show your girl some love! 😉
If it is a product that I dont stand behind and love I have not shared!  Yes, I do I have some links and worked hard to even get you guys some promo codes where I could! I like to save where I can so want to pass that along to you! I also even use random hacks, like my eye makeup remover that is all natural and less than 20 bucks and will last basically all year long! I am not here to sell you on anything, just sharing what I use and save you money and the hassle of trying things that don’t work!
In 2017 when I had my health issues and when I started STARTdetoxing, my goal what not just to focus on gut health but to cut down on the rate of exposure to metals, chemicals, and toxins. All that modifies our gut flora and makes our body work in overdrive. Even with being very picky about what I touch and consume, the Complete is a staple that I take to keep my body running at its peak. If you have seen me talk about this and have waited to try. I got the team to let me know a code with sharing this. Use MAKEUP on to take 20% anything (even the kits already reduced). Kits are what I recommend always. Because of the cost savings. If if you just want to get your feet wet the probiotics.
RESCUE – If you are looking for a gut reset and to help your body expel build of toxins and re-align your gut.
MAINTAIN – I love my Dead Sea Salt Baths. This includes Probiotics, Complete, and Dead Sea Salt.
ESSENTIALS – Literally game changer is the Complete for me. Essentials are just that the essentials of the Complete and the probiotics.
You can see them all HERE. My heart is to not only help people fights the daily invaders but spread awareness about toxins and chemicals that you are consuming or putting on your skin on a daily basis that is foreign and can cause your body to fight. There is no way to avoid them all, but there are ways to make conscious efforts about what we are putting in and on our body.
Any products I use or bring into my home or put on my body I also keep all this in mind.  I added a new story category at the top so you can reference and watching stories you can easily swipe up and watch videos in real time called Makeup/Beauty/Hair. If we are not Insta friends, come join my friend! @kristydickerson
If you have questions regarding any of this, feel free to email  or drop a comment on Instagram, and if I don’t have the answers I have people that can answer them! 🙂
This ended up being a huge post with tons of content! If this is a post you like, let me know! I will share more in this area! I am here to create value and share things that can impact your life in a positive way!
Let’s start with this…. because well you guys have seen how active I am! I literally went through 9 brands to try what worked for me over the course of 6 months. Even had someone make my own deodorant to try that.
Hands down the best Deodorant is Primarily Pure Charcoal. I have even tried a couple of their other scents, which I didn’t dislike but hands down I will just have this on reorder.
And, I got you guys if you want to try them! Use code PPKRISTY and it will save you 10%! 🙂
Here is the DIRECT LINK to the Deodorant. But wait, don’t order just yet you will want to snag one more thing from them.
Shampoo / Dry Shampoo
Homegirl tries to go 4-5 days without washing my hair. It’s funny, in my younger days I would wash it daily. Now I am like… how long can I go!
Typically day one. Hair is straight, Maybe day 2 hair is straight might add curl, Day three is curl, Day 4 is a braid of some sort. Day 5 is braid or hat or washing it if I can’t make it! One I don’t have the time and two it is just not good for your hair to be under all that heat all the time.
This dry shampoo will save your life and again not with all toxic junk! I use the light locks but there is also dark as well. You can check out the Texturizing Dry Shampoo HERE.  This is also by Primarily Pure. Use code PPKristy
First, it is not just one brand. Why? Because I like using what works best regardless of the brand. I do like sticking to one system for ease, but if I don’t love something I don’t use it. I know most bloggers that share this type of thing there is a method to the madness.
Well, I do love and use BeautyCounter as my baseline but you will see I also use other brands in a couple areas.
Overall here are my favorite must-haves from BeautyCounter.
If you are new to BeautyCounter and wanting to try… Hands down this are where I would start — Flawless in 5. If you are unsure of your color. Email and I have someone that is going to be helping that is an expert with them. I am no beauty or makeup expert but I have someone that I can connect you with ! 🙂
1.  My go-to lip gloss. I have Bare Shimmer (shown above) , Buff – Sheer Beige and the next I will get is Bellini – Peach Shimmer
2. Tinted Skin Hydrating Foundation. I love it because it is light and not heavy. I personally use Linen.
3. Mattifying Powder  – That I put on top to finish it off the foundation.
4. Powder Blush – I use Melon.
5. Concealer – I went with Light.
6. Topaz Highlighter – Literally my go-to for highlighting. One of my favs!
7. Eye Shadow. Duo Pearl and Champagne.
8. Eye Brow Pencil – I went with Medium and it’s perfect.
9. Eye Pencil – I have both the brown and the black depending on what I am wearing.
10.Foundation Brush. My can’t live without for the foundation is this one.
Here is my go-to palette for eye shadow. I am a classic/neutral girls.
First one – Eye Shadow. Duo Pearl and Champagne that was shown above
For my foundation.  Again it is the Tinted Skin Hydrating Foundation. I like it because it is light and not a heavy foundation so perfect for day to day. Typically just put concealer under my eyes and any blemishes for extra coverage.
Okay, this is probably the best hack. You will love. Pure Jojoba Oil. I love BeautyCounters Cleansing balm but know this last forever. Here is a direct link of where I snag it on Amazon. LINK JOJOBA OIL
I have had this bottle for over a year no lie! The best way in my opinion to take off eye makeup and it is ALL NATURAL!
And Mascara, I have tried so many, including Beauty Counters and I still just can’t part with Pur Fully Charged.
Hope this was helpful! To shop all things BeautyCounter here is a DIRECT LINK.  If you have questions feel free to drop a comment on Instagram or shoot me an email and I will try to get you in touch with the right person that can help! I know there are a lot of other areas I can also take this. Shampoo, skin care, etc but I wanted to make sure people liked it! So if you like it and want more let me know!
Last but not least I have added a HIGHLIGHT on Instagram stories called Makeup and Beauty if you want to follow any of this and see videos or How-Tos! 🙂

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