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5 things that help to manage family time.

I create lists to govern my time. It gives me a direction for the day and ensures I am moving forward on my tasks.  When you are no longer being productive at what you are doing, change it up by moving to a new task or changing up your environment.
Nothing will happen if you are not organized and plan for it! This past Sunday we planned to go to a tree lighting with friends and it was the perfect way to kick off the holidays! Crafts, cookies, singing, fake snow blowing in the sky, food, and fellowship with friends! Community and friendships are so good for the soul. To make sure you have intentional moments you have to schedule it!
This might seem backward, but taking care of me first. By staying healthy I am more capable of pouring into my family and kids! If mentally or physically I am not at my best, they are not getting me at my best. They deserve my best!
For those of you, who know me and my story, right now Jeremy is not working. He sold his company in 2012, went back to nursing school and graduated, took a job as an ICU nurse and decided he was needed more at home.  This past July, he put in his notice and he has been staying at home with the boys since then. Why I am saying all this? Because he has been a huge help with managing family tasks. Groceries, cooking, kids homework. He has taken lead on that front it has played a roll in being able to put my time, energy and efforts in other areas. If you are feeling overwhelmed have conversations with your close circle and adjust responsibilities or tasks as needed.
Even though it is my busy season I am assistant coaching my middle son in basketball! So many people in my immediate circle thought I was crazy because they know how busy I am. The thing it is all about priorities. I don’t want my kids to remember the holidays and remember Mom having to work more. I want them to remember me being at their practices, cuddling up on the couch for a holiday movie, going to tree lightings and teaching them how to ice skate!
Going to end on this note. One of the biggest adversities right now of intentional moments with kids and loved ones in general in my opinion is technology. Try to limit it! For them and for you.  This one is a tough one, especially when what I do requires so much of it. But giving yourself those unplugged days, moments, or even hours is so important to connect!

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