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Kristy Dickerson, keynote speaker, author, businesswoman, mom of 3 boys, and active CEO to START brands, has devoted her life to providing hope for individuals who are looking to achieve balance, success, and happiness within their own lives.  

I am a health enthusiast as that is your most important asset in life! My health slowly slipped away from me in 2017. I am a slight hippie, only using organic and toxin-free products. I love conversation and good coffee. Travel is when I truly feel alive. I love Excel, numbers, finance, and planning to calm anxiety and put action into place. I love challenges and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

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Some said that I will fail. Some said I wouldn't make it on my on. Some say women don't belong in business. Some say that when you come from nothing, you will be nothing. Some say that you are given a deck of cards, then that is all you got.  I call bullsh*t. :)

I truly believe that I was designed the way that I am for a reason. I started working at 6, I grew up in the middle of three boys, I have had to fight for my health and my voice, and stand up for what I believe.  Here is the thing...it is your life and you only get ONE. You really don't know how long YOU have on this earth. I am here to tell you, teach you, show you that change is not easy but crucial for growth! I am her to tell you that you can. "I am doing fine" is not okay. Let's get to great! 

I know that my struggles have been there without cause. You are my cause. All of my companies are rooted on passion and all came out of struggle. If you are looking for perfect or if you are looking for easy, I am not your girl. If you are ready to work and ready for a change, let's do this.  YOU can and WE can do more together!

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I love conversations with depth and hearing what makes others tick. My gift is seeing others' potential and showing them how to harness their efforts to make the biggest impact. I truly believe we are all authentically made with a purpose and we just need people in our lives to help us see it. 

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Sand in between my toes. There is just something so calming, yet powerful about an ocean. I can stare out into an endless horizon and I just get perspective. 


I love exploring. Being emerged into different cultures. The food, the weather, the people. Learning new ways and gaining new perspective. Our world is a beautiful place and I want to see, do, and make a biggest impact as possible on others. 


I am an extrovert. Unless you put me in a room full of people I don't know. Then I am a professional food taster and hovering to the food and drinks. People fill me up. I don't necessarily love small talk but prefer deep talk to understand what makes that person tick. 


I am gluten and dairy free and kinda a health nut, but that doesn't mean home girl don't like to eat and enjoy a drink and conversations with others! I just like cooking and eating the right yummy foods! Actually that is probably MY FAVORITE thing to do being with people that I enjoy! Food fuels our productivity! 


Strip it all away and I am kinda a nerd. I am a girl that studied finance and gets comfort in running projections and her safe place is excel. I love reading business books and constantly absorbing and learning. Love speaking tot other entrepreneurs and learning! 


The gym has become a second love of mine. Having a rough day or in a funk. Sweat it out. Feeling out of control or like you can't tackle something. Sweat it out! In 2018 I regained my health and started working on reshaping not only my body but mind!

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