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My booty… yes really… (how I have leaned out)

I have shared a lot about my body transformation this past year over on Instagram. The beginning of this transformation goes back for a couple years when I was battling health issues, gut issues, bloating, losing my hair and overall I just didn’t have the energy or zest for life that I once had! I found the root cause and have used all natural supplements to help optimize my body.

This was my booty in February of this year. I took this for myself and no one else, and as you can see from my facial expression, I was not happy with how I looked or felt. At that moment I promised to myself that I would reclaim my health, my energy, and I was going to get my booty toned and myself in shape!  For all those people saying my butt is fake and I got implants…nope! If you heard my story on Fox 5 this year or know anything about me, I am all NATURAL and I don’t even like putting toxic makeup, artificial medicines or anything unnatural in my body! When this picture was taken,  I was 6 weeks post-op from my breast implant removal.

I want to set the record straight on a couple of things before I start and explain any of this. I AM a business and productivity expert! I am NOT an expert in fitness, a trainer, a nutritionist, a doctor, etc. Do I have those people in my corner? YES! But, I fully believe that being fit and healthy plays into every aspect of your life!

I am someone whose health was slipping away from me, and I took it into my own hands to find to the root issue by consulting with many doctors (both eastern and western medicine), with trainers guiding me me, nutritionists coaching me, and even (as you guys know) pharmacist personally blend a supplement to help optimize my body. I don’t believe in diet pills or trends! I am also a nerd and have read several books and materials I could find on diet, gut, muscles… you name it. When there was nothing like it on the market…. STARTdetoxing was born!

I hope what you really see is a woman who is happy! My energy is through the roof and for the first time, in a long time I am comfortable in my own skin. (Small boobs, scars and all!)  Outside appearance is just a SMALL fraction of it! I know what it feels like to not like my reflection in the mirror, and to sometimes have to go through the motions each day just to “get by”! That is not living!  So, for anyone who doesn’t like their reflection or is fighting any health issues… I can empathize! I can also say to you. You CAN change your body and your mind NATURALLY with hard work and dedication!

Okay, Kristy…get to it! Here is the skinny: Again, there are so many aspects to how I achieved this besides just hitting the gym! Let me talk about them…

1. I don’t believe in diet trends. I do believe in Intermittent Fasting (IF) in spurts to reset your system. I have used a 9-5 window three different times this year to help me cut some unnecessary calories and also allow my body to overcome plateaus. You can research IF, but I like it for areas in your fitness journey when you are feeling stuck. I will probably do it again right after the holidays for two weeks just to push myself again!

2. Diet. You might have heard the statement “food is medicine”. Well, it is true. Food can also be your enemy. I have personally done all the testing. Blood, Complete Blood Count (CBC), metal testing, stool testing, hormone levels, adrenals, and even food sensitivity tests. Last year, I had 28 food sensitivities. Everyday foods like chicken and broccoli were causing me issues. Which was just crazy to me because they are considered “healthy” foods. At first, they thought my gallbladder was failing. Then I went in for an endoscopy to see if I had reflux or ulcers or stomach issues, then… I was headed down of a rabbit hole of no explanations and frustrations. In a nutshell, we all have different immune systems, and I do feel like mine is on the weaker side, but I am also really in tune with my body now. I know my body’s limitations and when there are issues. I avoided the foods, worked on healing my gut, supplemented that with probiotics, digestive enzymes and now I have only four food sensitives! I probably will always have them, but it’s much easier to avoid four foods than 28. I have put together a FREE pdf sharing my favorite go-to meals and going over what I avoid and why. Everyone is different but for me, this is what works! And yes, you are welcome to share this. This is my heart friends just putting together content and sharing!

3. I DO NOT believe in diet pills. I don’t believe in quick fixes that will not be sustainable. The only thing that I have taken this year in addition to Vitamin D (because I am low in that in the winter), is STARTdetoxing Complete, Probiotics, and Dead Sea Salt Baths. (Buy it as a kit HERE.) My favorite product in that mix is STARTdetoxing Complete – a total body optimizer to help fight inflammation, focus, recover, sleep, anxiety, and overall helping your body to rid of unnwanted toxins so it can do what it was designed to do. Supporting our lymphatic systems and organs is something I believe that we don’t do enough of. Many people wait until there is an issue to start investing in their health. Don’t wait…Be proactive. Take preventative measures to keep yourself healthy!  I mean, the benefits of these supplements go on and on and it is why I put so much heart, time, and money behind starting a company to share with other people because it works naturally for your benefit. The products were formulated by a pharmacist, a Doctor that all have credibility behind them and that I fully trust. I took it up a notch and did the Rescue system in October (and to do it again in February) just to change it up and reset my body. No matter how clean we eat or try to be, our bodies still need to resets from time to time.  For those of you who won’t/can’t take baths (even though I highly recommend them on occasion ), The Essentials is your answer. Yes, I fully believe that this has played a roll in helping my body to optimize. I can feel it when I accidentally forget to take them. If you are not quite sure, at a minimum, I highly recommend the Probiotics to focus on gut health and aid in digestion. STARTdetoxing Probiotics are BOGO right now! Use code: HOLIDAYGUT

*I am doing another 30-day Challenge group where I help guide you through these changes STARTing January 7th. All you have to do is spend at least $100 with STARTdetoxing products and you are in! Yes, it is a FREE challenge. If you have a subscription already, you can automatically join.  Purchases starting today through January 7th qualify to be a part of the challenge Facebook group. The first 20 sign-ups also get a STARTplanner Gympal. Email to get you in the group once you snag a system and if you want me to personally walk you through this journey! 

4. 90/10 rule. On the diet note, I do believe in the 90/10 rule.  If you follow me on stories you will see I enjoy the occasional drink, I enjoy chips and salsa, dark chocolate and I eat gluten free dairy free cookies on occasion. You should ask yourself is that sugar or “X” worth it. If the answer is yes, then enjoy! It is about balance and you have to live life. This means not beating yourself up for slipping up here and there!!! I believe without balance we eventually revert back to old habits.

5. Okay now to the gym part. I said all that first because of a lot of times when you see a physical transformation you immediately think the gym. But no friends, it starts with step 1-4 first. When you commit and get your mindset and habits right, then physically doing the work becomes much easier. This took 9 months…9 MONTHS of showing up to the gym 5-6 days a week.

Below is what I do each week.  I now work about for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes-MAX. Most days it is closer to an hour. I do cardio with HIIT workouts. Tuesday, Thursday and one weekend day I do the stair climber for 30-40 minutes for cardio. When I first started, I could only do ten minutes and slowly over time I built up by adding 5 minutes each week. Now, I vary my speed or “style” every 60 seconds for a total of 40 minutes.

1 minute – walking straight up.

1 minute – right foot lead

1 minute – left foot lead

1 minute – skipping a step with kickback repeat

Here are some screenshots of the stories I share on Instagram. You can also find Food and Fitness in my Highlight section on my profile.

*All these classes below in uppercase are lead by instructors at my local gym. I then lift outside of the class.

Monday – METCON which is a full body HIT (High-intensity training). 40 minutes

Tuesday – HIT CORE

Wednesday – HIT LOWER

Thursday – HIT UPPER

Friday – METCON

Saturday or Sunday – Legs and Booty and Cardio Session for 40 minutes (Stairmaster)


In addition Monday, Wednesday and Friday I focus on Booty and Legs. Here are 9 moves that I do weekly that takes me about 25 minutes with no interruptions. Again I am not a trainer, so, if you are starting something you are unfamiliar make sure you do it under the guidance of trainers to avoid injury.


On my Instagram post today I added them, so you can swipe and get a visual of them! Even if you don’t have Instagram, my account is public so you can go check it out. But I would also love for you to connect with me there to allow me to continue to motivate and push you!

Questions? You guys know I am always game. As always thank you for following my journey and, in 2018, although it has been a hard year in some areas I can say I took control of my health and my body and that is something you cannot “buy”. I invested in me. I encourage you to invest in you too!

Keep rocking it, friends!


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