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New Home – Little Before Peek

I bought a house! I don’t do things unless it feels 100% right and as scary is one more thing is in my life… it just feels right. Yes, I am keeping @dickersonhill and if you saw, I am going to make it an air bnb rental!

This new home is a total fixer-upper, but everything about it felt right and the bones of it are amazing and I am so excited to make it my own over time! It is right by START HQ(the office building we own) and right by my kid’s school and in the community that I love! I am raising my kids the same hometown I grew up in and I love it.

Being self-employed, being a woman, being a single mom, one of my biggest blessings is my financial independence and honestly, I have all of you to thank for that. I mean it.  But I didn’t tackle this without overcoming 10,898 hurdles. Last week on Friday I announced on Instagram that I officially owned a new home (see the post HERE). I decided this week to share a little peek of that home! 

New beginnings and these are the walls that are going to harvest that. It almost brings me to tears. Daily my oldest son is saying Mom are we moving yet. I am keeping him informed on all the changes. I originally was going to do more work before moving but what I realize is I need to do the essentials, move and figure out the rest while I am there. So here is a little peek!

Here is the exterior! My kids both have friends galore surrounding and when purchasing and looking that was my main focus!

This is a country club home and the “traditional glam” features about it I fell in love with as well. Tons of windows, high ceilings and just look at this chandelier! It is 100% staying!

With that being said there is a lot that has to be changed and fixed over time. There are only 3 light fixtures in the entire house that I want to stay long term. The entire downstairs is a mix of carpet and hardwood floors. The good news is the hardwood floors that are down are white oak solid. So we are removing all carpet downstairs, installing more white oak and going to be re-sanding and finishing all the floors downstairs with a new color!

The kitchen is not my personal design taste but the layout is actually functional, but it needs new cabinets eventually or refinishing. I want them to go white. The bar is bar height and I want to bring it down to counter height and expand that island. This is something I was going to try to get done before moving and instead I have decided push this off because the time it would take to do it all and the $$ to do it right. I am being careful on selecting what projects I do out the gate and others that I budget and do at different times to do it 100% the way that I want. And the reality is doing it the way that I want can’t happen right now so I am going to wait and plan instead.

Again here are some other light fixtures that are amazing. These are in the master bedroom. Just love them.

The upstairs I am redoing the floors in the laundry room and replacing the carpet throughout. I was also going to be painted prior to moving, but everyone is so far backed up on their schedule, that I am going to just move and figure it out once I am there.

So many people have asked me to start another instagram account to be able to share and organize this fun project and sharing over time. The reality is I don’t believe I have the capacity to start another Instagram and effectively run it as much as it would be a neat way to organize it. I plan to continue sharing on Instagram stories on @kristydickerson Plus I have a category on my blog here, Interior/Home Projects, and I will share! That way I can break down the projects and provide links etc for others to use as inspiration. I think it will be a fabulous way to organize and it will be fun to document and share with all of you! Let me know if you like this idea!

As always appreciate your support and excited to make this new home, our home!



  1. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on your new home, it is beautiful. I discovered you a year ago and read your book. Loved it. However, I am a bit saddened by this post…this house is gorgeous. Yes, it may not be exactly like you may like but the kitchen that you call the WORST, is very similar to the kitchen that I have in the home that I built and happily have raised my boys for 17 years. Please don’t lose perspective about what is most important in life even if there are many things that you hope to change. Wishing you the best.

  2. Jillian says:

    Good luck and happy new beginnings xxx

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