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Is there value in Personality Test?

I had not taken one in over 3 years and it actually changed for me. We are allowed to change–people change! I was a ENTJ. When I shared this on Sunday that I took it so many people DMed me saying I was a ENTJ before I even shared this!
Here is what an ENTJ
Here are 5 thoughts on taking a personality test. I think everyone should take them but with caution.
  1. We actually took them as a team and shared them with each other. I think it can help teams work better together, spouses communicate better.  Overall being aware of the key relationships in your life and what makes them tick can improve communication and understanding.
  2. Personality tests should be used as a gauge. It can change and the biggest thing is you are not meant to fit inside of a box in my opinion. I currently am a ENJT but that doesn’t mean I operate that way all the time on all decisions I operate differently in my personal life as I do in my business life and I had a hard time answering some of the questions, because I felt torn. Just be aware that its still ok to make choices outside of the box.

  3. Being aware of your  weaknesses and “blind spots” can be helpful. I always say “know your strengths”, but it is equally important to know your weaknesses! Here is what the test gave me for my weaknesses (see below) and I believe it is spot on!By being aware of your blind spots, you can make sure you pay attention to these attributes so you are not harming others.

  4. These tests are not designed to measure how successful you will be. That is determined by your grit–what you are willing to do or not do to get the job done and not quit on yourself. I don’t care what box you fit into if you don’t have that drive, “success” on your goal will be hard to find!

  5. Tendencies not truth. When answering some of the questions hesitated. Because when I think about it from a business perspective I would think one way but personally I might be another way. So it is also important to keep in mind that overall this is great information to anticipate how you will likely make decisions, but it is also important to keep in mind it is not always the truth. And if you are doing this as an employer and here is the bigger problem–It could be faked.
I am an ENTJ(Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment). We used the MBTI and it indicated that it tests differences in people in the following areas:
By using their answers in each of these areas, people develop what Jung and Myers called a “psychological type”. This underlying personality pattern results from the dynamic interaction of their four preferences, in conjunction with environmental influences and their own individual tendencies. People are likely to develop behaviors, skills, and attitudes based on their particular type. Each personality type has its own potential strengths as well as areas that offer opportunities for growth.
The MBTI tool consists of multiple choice questions that sort respondents on the basis of the four “dichotomies” (pairs of psychological opposites). Sixteen different outcomes are possible, each identified by its own four-letter code, referred to by initial letters. (N is used for iNtuition, since I is used for Introversion). The MBTI is approximately 75% accurate according to its own manual.[6]
  • E – Extraversion preferred to introversion: ENTJs often feel motivated by their interaction with people. They tend to enjoy a wide circle of acquaintances, and they gain energy in social situations (whereas introverts expend energy).[7]
  • N – Intuition preferred to sensing: ENTJs tend to be more abstract than concrete. They focus their attention on the big picture rather than the details, and on future possibilities rather than immediate realities.[8] They tend to focus on the final product rather than the current task.
  • T – Thinking preferred to feeling: ENTJs tend to value objective criteria above personal preference. When making decisions, they generally give more weight to logic than to social considerations.[9]
  • J – Judgment preferred to perception: ENTJs tend to plan their activities and make decisions early. They derive a sense of control through predictability, which to perceptive types may seem limiting.[10] ENTJs often try to predict outcomes and plan accordingly.
Overall, I think personality tests are good to take. It can show you your weak points and areas where you should focus on growth. It can help create better communication with key relationships in your life if you share the results. If you are using it for employment I also think it can help show how different people prefer to work and their normal thought process so you can make decisions to help make the best possible decision to optimize there working environment.

  1. Hope Wallace

    November 14th, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Well, if there was an MBTI type to associate with the word “start”, I’d have to say it would be ENTJ. 🙂 Signed, an INTJ (ENTJ’s homebody twin)

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