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Plannercon Recap + San Francisco

San Francisco. What a beautiful city filled with so much character! This was my first time ever visiting San Francisco and it did not disappoint.  The ornate houses that are nestled together, the Golden Gate Bridge that takes your breath away thinking of the construction and design of it all, the food, the culture and doing a little shopping/eating at Fisherman’s Wharf. Also spending time with Jenny and Caitlyn. When you have people that are excited and support what you are doing …  there is nothing like it!

Yes, I also saw seal lions for the first time~ If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen behind the scenes. I have become an “Insta Story” queen so come join me!

Here is a little behind the scenes from our trip and our “little windows” of exploring the city that we had!

Travel…. one of MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!!
Just so beautiful! To think of the people that worked on this bridge, the resources that it took, a must see for sure! 
STARTplanner girls! Caitlyn who does PR/Marketing and of course Jenny!
More exploring on to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch!
And to see this batch of SEA LIONS!!!! I so wanted to jump the fence and go take a selfie with them! haha! But really! 
Jenny is from Portland… she doesn’t do umbrellas… Well I am from the south and need an umbrella okay… 😉
Saturday I had the opportunity to open up the conference as the first speaker. Let me also make this clear.  I (we as in STARTplanner) are the underdogs in this industry. We have been in the planner industry for less than 3 years while other companies have been there for decades! I like being the underdog. I like being able to move, adjust, build and change things quickly. It is our competitive edge. The outfit is Free People. I don’t get paid or sponsored to share these types of things I just like sharing!
This room. The energy…. I left it all out there and dang it felt good! I LOVE WHAT I GET TO DO!!!! 
Yes I talk with my hands! 🙂
Thank you guys for following along with me. Dreaming with me and making things happen in YOUR life!
Let’s GO!

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