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Regained my Health in 2018

It is time!!!! Last year at the end of 2017, my biggest goal was to regain my health! As I am sitting here opening up 2019 I can confidently say I did! I made it my mission, I stuck with it despite days not wanting to “show up” or days I wanted to “slip”.   I felt as if I was slowly slipping away. 2017 I was on so many medicines and I was bouncing from doctor to doctor and the next doctor would just prescribe the next “band-aid”. I was actually losing weight like crazy, I had 28 food sensitives, my hair was thinning heavily, my skin was blemished and it wasn’t just the hormonal once a month time of blemishes it was the type of blemishes that makeup couldn’t really cover and instead I was slipping into depression.  My outward appearance was showing me my inner health.

I first addressed the source of my inflammation. Of course, I can never prove it was the source but on January 3rd I went under the knife to do a radical thing and removed my breast implants. You can learn more about that here.  We all have different sources of inflammation and sometimes it just is starting in our gut and we just have to address those! Yes, then this blog post went viral and I was on Fox 5 talking about my boobs! Or lack thereof…Ha! 😉

I then stripped sources of inflammation out of my diet. All those prescribed pills I flushed down the toilet and instead decided to focus on clean food. I read every health book I could get my hands on and implemented healthy habits and practices that would be sustainable. I consulted many doctors(both eastern and western medicine) and approached healing myself in a more natural method. And week after week, I started to see symptoms disappear.

Then a series of circumstances (that I believe were not by chance), led me to come into contact with a state of the art manufacture of supplements that was only ONE MILE from our office and a Pharmacist that was a genius at what he did. STARTdetoxing was born!

Here was the early on stages of bottle selecting, label changing, revision after revision.


Here was me “nerding out” at the facility.  

And again…. “nerding out” a bit more. Details matter. A LOT! Only the best ingredients!

Tired of the less than subpar ingredients on the market. And even what I have learned…. about the shady practices of most supplement manufacturers.  I was also tired of taking so many different things that I felt like I couldn’t maintain, and instead just wanting simplicity and me back! Which is what we did! So many people behind the scenes making it all happen!

Here is the thing I have learned…. a lot of times we don’t address health issues until they become physical problems and then we go into fixing mode. I did the same thing. I buried issues on hormones or on the fact that I was getting older so accepted it as my new normal! NO!

One…. here is my skin changes…. When I was the girl on the left I did whatever I could to cover it up. And being honest, I covered it up well! Now you know…. here you go. That was me! Now on the right is also me. I mean even look at dark circles under my eyes!


This year I actually have gained about 10 pounds! I don’t believe weight should be the main or only factor when getting healthy. STARTdetoxing is not a diet program. Rather it supplements that help your body to optimize. I ONLY believe in sustainable habits that are healthy!

Here is a little change in my figure. Yes, I also started lifting weights for that booty growth! And do you see all those baby hairs around my face. With my hair growing back!

What I can guarantee you is that I am passionate about helping others learn about their health, and I can say that EVERYONE should be taking Complete to optimize their health, whether you have issues or not! Instead of me taking 8 different supplements to optimize my bodies function multiple times a day,  I am now only taking one supplement (and a probiotic) that is everything combined. If are interested in learning more, but don’t know where to start we just updated this page to break it down and make it simple!  GO HERE.

I am leading a FREE challenge on January 7th to share the content with you that I have learned! If you are curious all the details about the challenge are here, or want more information email us  It is not too late to join the challenge.

See what all the hype is about and join me. Reclaiming the one thing you can never replace, your health!

Let’s make “it” happen in 2019 friends!


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