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Speaking at Harvard: Embracing Nerves

I shared that I was nervous speaking in Boston at the Harvard conference, but what I didn’t fully share is I actually kind of enjoy the nerves. I don’t know if it is competition, growing up with brothers, or that I just like a good ol’ challenge, but when I am nervous it means I am doing something outside of my comfort zone. I am someone who pushes myself outside of my comfort zone because on the brink is when I truly feel alive!  Is that weird? Possibly. I think we are actually wired to avoid feeling this way and we do everything in our power to steer clear of nerves. We are creatures of nature and habit, but I want to challenge you to think about something you can do in your life as a challenge to better and grow yourself.

I wish I could have bottled up the energy that was in the room at the conference and sip on it together for a little while. I shared the stage that day with so much talent, yet I walked away with so much more confidence than when I arrived. Part of it is the great feedback I received and part of it is the time and practice I have put into public speaking and being on stage. I want to be a speaker that is informative yet entertaining and engaging. Here are 3 things that I learned from speaking at the Women in Business Conference:

  • We need more young women to step up and be role models, and I want to be just that. I want to teach, help, guide, and inspire other women in a sea of men! Know that you deserve everything they do and you can find your balance! Yes, I totally plugged my book on stage! ????
  • You might not know that our company,, was a bootstrapped startup. What does that mean? We did not take on any seed money or investor to launch our product. We own 100% of our company. We also own 100% of the risk, too. As I sat with CEO’s from other companies, I realized that was a rare thing at this conference–to own 100% of one’s company. I left pumped and so proud of what we have done in our 2.5 years.
  • My husband is fired from video and pictures. His only job was to hit the start button on the iPhone video and take a million pictures. He got three pictures and forgot to hit the start button on the video. “Honey, I am sorry I got so into what you were saying.” Yeah ummm huh…good thing he’s cute!

Remember this picture from Instagram when I spoke in Washington D.C.? So, maybe things are looking up! 

Here are some pictures from speaking at the Harvard Women in Business.

Social media was fun to follow that day!

Loved meeting so many new faces!

I also had the opportunity to be on a Startup Panel with other CEOs. I am sitting next to Rose Wang, CEO of ChipChirps, and her investor, Mark Cuban.

 That night Jeremy and I went to Gillette Stadium to see the Falcons play the Patriots. I totally rocked my Julio Jones Jersey in a sea of Patriot fans. And Julio, you should have caught that ball this last Sunday, and no it was not a pretty game but we still represented!

Gillette Stadium was neat and they also had a really cool mall area with shops and other things that was fun to explore! 

And I enjoyed spending time with this dude!

This is when the fog started rolling in!

By the end of the third quarter we could not even really see!

We had one more day in Boston to explore and see the city. October is an awesome time in Boston!

Join me on the brink friends! Push yourself! 

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