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Start Loving You – Learn from KD?

So one of the most common questions is “Kristy, I am debating on coming to the conference and I want to learn from you! What can expect?” Well if I am being honest, if you knew what I knew about the speakers that are on the lineup…you would snag a ticket just to absorb their knowledge.

So let me start there. Here is the schedule for Saturday and the speakers.

Here is the schedule. You can see it better HERE.

Here are the speakers. You guys…These ladies are top NOTCH! You will have speakers teaching you organization, wellness, self-care and pouring into you with actionable steps and inspiration that you can apply to your life now!

But what you can expect from me is this: Saturday I am teaching organization and you better believe my presentation will be organized to maximize every second on the stage to show and teach you. Tickets for Saturday only are here! Use code LASTCHANCE.

  • Routines and Workflows I use on the daily.
  • Time
    • Time Blocking
    • Early Rise 
    • Systems 
    • Lists Building 
  • Food
    • Meal Prep Vs Food Prep
    • Grocery Shopping (How, What, Where)
    • Prepping for the week
    • Protein Shakes and Green Shakes
    • Kids Lunches/Snacks
    • My Eating Schedule  
  • Files Organization – Dropbox – Resources Folder Photo- Artwork
  • Kids Art/Work 
  • Clothes Organization 
  • Decluttering – allows for more time and productivity 

On Friday, Jenny and I are teaching business. And talking organization and business are my two jams! Even if you don’t own a business, but you do sales or work for a business this could be a home run for you! And this is ALMOST sold out!

Here is what you can expect Friday for the START business Workshop. And these tickets here include the workshop on Friday and the full conference on Saturday. You get me in a small room to ask any questions too! And I can promise you the others sitting in the room can become some of your biggest support systems and great connections, too!

Jenny and I are partners. We literally are total opposite on brain wavelengths but also work so synergistically well with each other. We are lucky to have each other and we both know it. This entire workshop will be lead by each of us in our expertise, what we each do any why.

  • Introduction – 12:00 – 12:15 (intro) – Short, sweet, to the point…. On to learning! 
  • Branding – Jenny will be leading. 12:15 – 1:00 
    • Importance 
    • How it makes you feel. 
    • Logo basics
    • Branding basics
    • Cohesiveness. 
    • Colors, tone, voice, etc. 
  • Marketing – Jenny will be leading. 1:00 – 1:40
    • Getting that feeling out there. 
    • Discuss marketing avenues. 
    • Paid vs Free 
    • PR and its impact. 
    • Newsletter Marketing. 
    • Social Media Marketing.
  • 1:40- 2:00 – Slight break. Hurry back though, we have more to cover! đŸ™‚ 
  • Finance – Kristy will be leading. 2:00 – 2:30 
    • Setting yearly budgets. 
    • Monthly and weekly checkins
    • Projections vs Actual. 
    • 30% allocated to growth. 
    • Historical comparisons. 
  • Tools, Workflows and Systems – Kristy will be taking lead. 2:30 – 3:00 
    • Ways to automate. 
    • Team Lists 
    • Shipping 
    • Finance Automation
    • Emails – Macros and Delegation 
    • Dedicated days for tasks and why.  
  • Struggles – Kristy and Jenny both 3:00 – 3:30 
    • Entrepreneurship 
    • Trouble shooting – Solving one problem to the next. 
    • Honest Confessions. 
    • Examples. 
  • Q&A 3:30 – 4:00
    • Anything we missed you really want to know? Bring it! 

Just know I am ready to bring it!


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